Coach driving / Mod Police walt

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by glasshammer, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. anyone know of this bloke? rumour has it he flashed a police badge at an MPGS guy
  2. I know him.
  3. To be frank. Do one.
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  4. Was it a coach full of Nurses?
  5. FFS! I know a few blokes who drive coaches. Could be one of them. Or not.
  6. Or glasshermer
  7. Brown sauce or red on a bacon butty? For me it has to be brown every time...
  8. Neither. Freshly baked bread (still warm), propper salted butter melting into it, and a few pieces of slightly crispy unsmoked bacon. No need to pollute it.
  9. Sans sausage?
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  10. What team does he coach for?
  11. was he driving this??? 999bus.jpg
  12. Be adventurous, mix both on your butty!

    Or alternatively, go for BBQ sauce, it's the way forward!
  13. If we do find the coach-driving miscreant in question, do you promise to throw yourself under the wheels of his bus whilst it's in motion?
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  14. I must say that I have been converted to green olives on top of my deeply fried brown bread, adds that little bit of crunch as the yolk flies from the 4 eggs on top, coaches? oh yes spent many an unhappy hour at the main gate waiting for that coach from Rinteln to arrive.
  15. Being in Sennelager we used to go to Rinteln and stay there or bring the nurses back to Talbot Barracks. sometimes we'd even make sure they got back again.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.