Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TheCuriosOne, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. How does the selection go for those who are just wanting to be a Co-pilot within the AAC?

    Is it for those who dont make the grade as a pilot but have a potential to be aircrew? or is there a seperate process?

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  3. I bet this is locked by 6pm
  4. A mate of mine went on a Co-pilots course a few years back, said it was the same as the pilots course, just had to sit in the other seat (and gets paid less)

    so should not be a problem (unless your left handed) thats where the real problem starts. They only have a couple of helicopters for left handed folk (and they are currently deployed overseas (so timing maybe a bit of an issue)!
  5. Thought that if a helicopter had 2 pilots, 1 would be acting as the pilot & the other trained pilot would act as the commander? Aircrew are taught the basics of flying but only for using in an emergency if the pilot/s are incapacitated!

    Hope i'm right in what i have written!
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  7. This is very true - I went to do pilot selection but as Im left handed I was told I wouldnt stand a chance as I would only be able to circle anti-clockwise instead of the regulatory clockwise
  8. Someone with an aspiration to be a co-pilot would be viewed as having no ambition. Why would you want to be second?
    Now, if you want to be second so that you can become first, that is a different question. To become first, you must first be second, this process is called pilot training. There is only one pilot training pipeline, this trains you to be first....nothing less is acceptable.
  9. Except on the Chinook. As any squaddie noes, on the Wokka one growbag flies the front fan, and the other growbag flies the back fan. So if you just did the co-pilot course, you wouldn't be allowed to go on Wokkas.
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  11. And I can guarantee Sloppy link couldn't care less either. He's not the daft cunt asking daft questions. If you cannot take the advice off a very experienced pilot then it may be you who needs to 'STFU'.

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