Co-op refusing to serve soldiers in uniform

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Shark, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. Just read an article in the Mail about a Co-op shop in Croydon where a soldier in uniform who had just returned from Afghan was refused service because he was wearing uniform. Co-op gave a mealy-mouthed excuse about some old policy of not serving police officers in uniform and the check-out person AND the manager must have made a mistake. I have made my feelings known to the Co-op via their customer relations website I suggested that they might like to truly apologise with a donation to Help for Heroes!
  2. They've done it twice?

    Have we got two outrage buses left on the road with all the budget cuts?
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Bollox- our Co-op loves serving Plod in uniform- they deter the drunk taking shoplifters for ten minutes.
  4. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Nope. I believe we now lease an Outrage Renault Twingo from Ling.

    Shark; it's been posted on here already.
  5. I wish the Asda by me would stop serving the many that go in there in 95's i havent been outraged for ages
  6. I've worked in a Co-op and no problems serving anyone in uniform and no policy not too as far I recall. Perhaps it was one member of staff having a Brain fart and getting confused with the rule about serving Alcohol to Police in Uniform. No need for the bus to be fuelled.
    The main thing Police visited us for was to use the loo and have their Refs in the staffroom, it made more sense than a 20 minute ride back to the station, eat, 20 minutes back to the area. Lots of times they got calls threw their scran in the fridge and shot off on a job.
    Police presence at shop = surprising lack of trouble from shoplifters and the kids hanging around out side were no bother.
  7. I've spoken to my daughter who manages a Co-Op store and her comment was "What policy on uniform"?
  8. I can personally vouch for a Co Op not a million miles from Upavon serving two uniformed personnel last night.

    Daily Hate non-story. They are such scumbags.
  9. Whenever I go to the Co-op there always in uniform and always seem happy to serve anybody,what do you want them to do ,work naked! (not a good idea if you are stocking the fridges/freezers!)
  10. The lesson here as always is don't read the Daily Mail.
  11. Get better service in my co-op when in uniform, and a lot of 'silent' acknowledgements from general public - makes me walk taller.

    Would be interested to know background of staff member refusing to serve uniformed soldier.
  12. In the other thread the main reaction is that it must be "Those bloody Moooslims". (Read with Alf Garnett in mind)
  13. The boyf regularly goes to Waitrose in uniform. The posh totty there go mad for it.
  14. Yeah, I'd boycott the Co-Op anyway. They have their origins in Rochdale where they were the commercial wing of the Labour Party.

    Being aligned to the Labour Party means: they hate the Armed Forces, they hate the British People, they are bitter and twisted and they don't wash!

    As for those irritating TV adverts read by that Scottish Git with the monotone voice!