Co-incidence - do they exist

"Just because you're paranoid - don't mean they're not after you"

Noticed today, upon purchasing the latest edition of private eye (no. 1165) that on page 9 it runs 2 stories at either end of the page.

One relating to Gina Ford - previously vilified on here for her insane rantings and discussed in the thread "freedom of speech" -

T'other relating to Natasha Kaplinskia and her use of the term "Royal Logistics Corpse" -

Both of these were last discussed on this website around the 10th/11th of August. Roughly when the Eye will have been picking up stories.

I have also noticed that "Square Basher" is sometimes very close to some of the opinions on this site.

Perhaps this is just co-incidence. Maybe it is a conspiracy. But if me and my post suddenly disappear after this topic.........
Out of all the publications I wouldn't mind seeing Arrse referred to - Private Eye is at the top, if more people read it I honestly believe this country would be a better place.

Oi Hislop you ugly little cnut - send me a cheque.

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