Co Durham Woollybacks Lose Pub After Fighting Pikies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. Sounds a bit harsh - closing the boozer because the Pikeys might come back. The locals could have had chance to fortify the place and make some home-made Claymores to get rid of a few of the fair, clean and honest 'travelling folk'

  2. So pickeys over stepped the mark with the only community in the UK that a, fucking hates pickeys and b, has shotguns and I'm supposed to be surprised a pickey was offered a free removal of his head?
  3. They call West Cornforth "Doggy" for good reasons.

    They need to send them down to London now to sort out the fucking Romanians.....
  4. The report is not clear cut at all.

    "A row broke out and associates of those running the pub left the premises only to return to the scene wearing ski-masks and carrying weapons"

    Who was threatened - the Travellers or the locals?
  5. Bigeye, that fact that it was the Woollybacks that went and got tooled-up isn't in doubt. To be honest, if I had to go up against some Pikey bare-knuckle boxer I'd want to be tooled-up, too.
  6. So, these pickeys, are they the travellers that roam the countryside turning down camp sites because they're not good enough?
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  7. As they are termed "associates" that tends to imply they were not simply blokes in the boozer...
    Then they turned up with a sawn off and ski masks

    That sort of thing tends to draw plods attention and cause a chronic sense of humour failure in your local peeler.....
  8. Quite. The fact that the manager turned the CCTV off to allow the attack to remain off record and that the associates of the 'landlord' have access to and are willing to brandish illegal firearms, knives, brickbats and other emergency weaponry would seem to suggest that the sub-committee made the correct decision.

    It's with the innocent travellers, parched after a hard day's honest toil and seeking nothing more than a quiet pint, that my sympathy lies.
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  9. .....because they like dogs, or were you thinking dodgy?
  10. Dogging I think you meant
  11. Vinnie, remind me - where's The High Chapperal - and any idea why it's called that?

    BTW, is the dolomite quarry still going in West Cornforth? Steatleys, something like that? I remember getting sub-base from there for road projects around the Boro in the 70's.
  12. No doubt Ross Kemp will soon be making another TV series, Britain's Hardest Village Pub.
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  13. Well, those two jessies from Spandau Ballet are doing a new series Gangs In The UK, starting Sunday on the C&I channel.
  14. OY! Spandau Ballet did some great stuff in the 80'ies.
  15. West Cornforth is a tip anyway. No right minded individual would ever wish to live there. Can't speak on behalf of the banjo playing members of society, but if you've got a squint, bad teeth and suspicions that you sister might also be your mum...head on down to West Cornforth. You'll be in good company. Removing it's pub won't eradicate their social life either. There's glue sniffing, dog fighting and all sorts of other activities for the family to be had. West Cornforth. The original set for 'The Hills Have Eyes'...(albeit squint ones).
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