CO 19 CSS Bn

Discussion in 'REME' started by oughttobe, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Where has the CO 19 CSS Bn gone????
  2. He's behind you...
  3. Oh no he isn't
  4. he's not in the RLC forum either???
  5. He is genuinely missing! I haven't seen him all week and neither has anyone else.
  6. How do you lose a CO? Have you checked down the back of the sofa, that's where my keys were when I couldn't find them.
  7. Someone found all sorts of crap behind their monitor in the NAAFI. Have you checked behind yours? Or his?
  8. The rumour is that he has been sacked!
  9. I reckon he's gone on a marathon whoring session.
  10. But his replacement is from a decent cap badge! :wink:
  11. Has he been sacked then?
  12. Just got it from a reliable source:

    He was a G3 guru as most are nowadays, however the unit went down badly on LSI, ECI and Admin Inspection, the G1/G4 inspections. The re-inspection went even worse and that is no good when you are in charge of the principal G1/G4 unit within the Bde.

    Maybe they will put in a CO who is knowledgeable and interested in G1 and G4 issues. The moment they changed the names of REME Workhops to REME Battalions the G4 ES focus began to take second place to G3 warry activities. We are maybe too far down this line to recover.

    Workshops were for workers - Battalions were for infantrymen, and we never got the balance right. Changes need to be made now we will be up against real G4 Officers like the RLC.

    RLC the door is open.
  13. So he has been sacked - yeh ha, he never came out his office in any case.

    I agree that REME were much better when they repaired our equipment instead of playing the soldier thing. REME has lost a lot of street cred by passing the workload to civvies instead of getting on with it themselves.
  14. **** me this was obvious back in 94, the change from workshop to Bn was all too blatant, big train set for officers(DE) who have never held any real responsibility until reaching the rank of capt, by which time it's too ******* late. The old wksp era was all geared to getting the job done and being a very skilled tradesman/woman with the ethos of only the strong survive, Chieftain being the test with the amount of work she brought. I now look on and feel quite sorry for the keen members of the Corps who are not served well by the Ivory tower. If I had my time again I would join the RAC.
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  15. I agree,
    I was a Cpl at 4 Armd Wksp in 1982-1984 and the ASM ruled. Manhours were counted in hundreds of thousands (across 470+ soldiers).
    I was then a Tiffy at 12 Armd Wksp in 1993 when it changed to 1 Bn REME, the ASM was shoved aside and the RD took over. We were the 'total quality' unit for the Army due to the CO (who was a very good bloke). The Battalion ethos was beginning to set foot in the Corps at 2nd line. The Work(shop) ethos was eroding swiftly, only in hindsight do you realise quite how swiftly.
    I then reappeared as a LE Capt at 6 Bn REME in 1998 and the work ethic had disappeared completely. We got the AQMSs of Pack Section of both 14 Fd Wksp and 9 Fd Wksp and between the two sections they had repaired less than 10 power packs in the previous 12 months - ABRO did the rest.
    Now we are told that we are not here to repair kit unless it has training value! We are here to train for war!! What a massive shift in ethos in just 26 years.