Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Speedkuff, Oct 26, 2005.

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  1. I was at home picking me nose, when an old pal phoned to inform me that the sad muppet had taken out a subscription to the "Wire".

    He then informed me that the new CO at 11 was onld subaltern of ours. Anyone wants the black on him (And there is some) feel free to PM
  2. P**sed
  3. Christ, we're far too keen to bury people. If you've got dirt on him as a subbie, keep it buried please. He was only young and you can be damn sure he needed the money. Is he a good CO? make comment on that, rather than try to bring up his past!!
  4. Good CO I've sh*t better
  5. OK, as I was.... it wasn't that good anyway...
  6. And people wonder why the Signals board has a bad reputation. Sigh.
  7. Well, to tell the truth, I thought about Boney M's comment and he's got a point.

    Also, and I say this like the rank coward I am, MF has considerably more dirt bout me than I have about him :oops:

    So I shall skulk away from my ill advised thread and leave you with the attached piccie...
  8. By 'eck , BCF fire extinguisher and shoulder epeluattes (sp)

    How long ago was that ?
  9. Do you really think it's appropriate to post a photo of one of our Corps on a public forum without his permission and in a thread where he's getting a bit of flak?

    Bowman, can you review please (I know IS Ski Geek is still on exercise)?
  10. Gents please remember the site policy regarding PERSEC.

    Lets engage the old brain before posting. SpeedKuff please edit and remove.
  11. As an outsider...

    Are these Sigs chaps a little bit forward about people's security?
  12. no not generally not sure what speedkuff was trying to achieve here.

    But it gives me something to play with in photoshop next time another regimental policy gets released :p
  13. Alrighty, here goes... :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

    I intended to have a non-malicious giggle, and I apologise for any concerns caused.

    In mitigation,

    1. His image is available upon payment of a subscription in the "Wire"

    2. My understanding of his reaction to his piccie, was not one of alarm but rather amusement.

    3. The picture is now quite old, about 18 years or so.

    I shall now slink out of this thread...

    See? :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

    (Speedkuff slipping beneath snake's belly on way out of thread...)
  14. Give Speed Kuff a break - I am sure he was only trying to inject a wee bit of humour - those willing to hang him from the nearest tree should have a long hard look at the underlying intent (I.E. NONE) for god's sake loosen up !! anyway I'm sure MF would love the chat.....

    Rob fm the rich............
  15. I say again, SITE POLICY or did you just skip that part when you signed up! However I agree there was no malice intented by Speedkuff, but this forum is not the right "forum" for this particular humour. You see the Sigs cant take a joke! 8O :roll: