CO 1 Para Telic - ex-donkey walloper?!

re-post as my previous one seems to have dis-appeared!!

Having skim read a book about the 6 RMP killed in Iraq, the CO of 1 Para was described as ex-QRH (and also in Tim Collin's book). Was he appointed from the QRH specifically to command 1 Para, or did he transfer from the QRH as a young Subbie, a la Gen Jackson?
The genntleman in question was a Sqn ldr in the QRH before being offered the job in 1 para as he had been seconded to them previously.
Bet all the aspiring Para Majors would've been chuffed with that decision then......
bit like offering a Royal Marine command of a Pusser's grey....

Is this common place or was he just loafing at the right place/time?
Right place/right time and had the right connections as the offr in question was not going to get command of his regt.


It is not at all unusual for Para Regt battalions to have non-Para Regt officers serving in them on secondment. H Jones VC was a Devon and Dorsets officer who had, I think, previously served one tour in the Para Regt much earlier in his career but always considered himself a D & D's man. Anyone can volunteer to serve a tour in Airborne Forces and, if they pass P-Company, BPC etc, combat arms officers generally get sent to Para Bns.
alfred_the_great said:
bit like offering a Royal Marine command of a Pusser's grey....

Is this common place or was he just loafing at the right place/time?

If an RM officer had the appropriate STCW95 AND had completed PWO cse with the appropriate jobs after cse ie at least one tour as a PWO and probably a second then by all means he could drive a warship.
At this level, there's a fairly close realtionship between the Cavalry nd the Paras - The QRL have regular exchanges, and the HCR were providing one of 2 Para's Company Commanders not long ago.
fish head,

36 qualifying months sea service and PCE 1; - I think Royal would no longer count as a Royal by that point! (That said, a mate of a mate is an LC qualified to the above, gunning to be the first RM URNU drive.....)

As for the Para thing, I could understand it at the beginning of their existence, with all ranks/rates having come from a parent regt first, but in this day and age to pass out sub unit/battalion command to outsiders strikes me as a way of undermining your own officers.... (but there we go!)
The new CO of 3 PARA is an ex QO HLDRS/HLDR.....but then he did serve as a Coy Comd in another PARA Bn a while back. It is becoming quite usual for COs to be from other regiments.

In our ten years we have had a Royal Scot and a former R IRISH (both great blokes) whilst the HCMR had a bloke from the QRL at one time (he also did a tour as 2IC HCR). A former Scots Guards CO ages ago was a Blues and Royal Sqn Ldr. The Argylls have had officers from our regiment serving with them as Coy Comds/ 2IC and the Black Watch had a QO HLDRS/HLDRS Coy Comd during the Iraq War.

As Sir Tom Jones would's not unusual....
And the other way around as well - didn't Jacko Page (ex 16 Airmob Bde) command a Cav sqn in Gulf War one? If I remember right he was due to hand over command before the war started but (quite rightly) his CO held him on until the war had been fought. Much to the chagrin of the incoming (cav) sqn ldr.
I also remember a PARA or two commanding Armoured Infantry Coys in line infantry regiments in Germany so it works the other way.
Pan fat. I will say no more than that.
Know exactly who you mean. He was know in his last job as NATO (Not A Team Operator).

Painful in the extreme.
Would have siphoned his grandmother's blood for a B+ OPG.

Sometimes they need to bring in blokes to fill the lower third.

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