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Absolutely brilliant. Link e-mailed around work in an instant.

Guess who I've added (not myself before anybody asks).

Tasters about a few well known ARRSE target sets:

On Investigative Journalists:
These cunts who sneak past security lines at airports, official buildings etc just to show how easy it is for terrorists to come calling get right on my tits with their fucking stupid antics.

I`d love to pick up a paper one day to find out that one of these paranoia fuelling cunts had been shot in the head on one of their "exposes" and that their cunting newspaper had been raided by the anti terrorist squad and had the entire editorial staff hauled away for some awkward questions.

That`d stop the stupid cunts in their tracks.
On Firemen:
It seems to me they spend most of their time in nite-clubs stripping for drunken hen parties. I don't see why I should stand around watching my house go up in flames because they're too busy polishing their helmets with some local slappers at the taxpayers expense. Moonlighting cunts.
Loads more - really quite amusing... :D

**Edited - I have made a small contribution of my own**
Brilliant! The closest thing to Arrse outside of Arrse.

Students get half a page and Australians get hammered, what more can you ask for?

France needs some attention though chaps.....Oooh, I'm going to enjoy this! :D
I nominated Pearce Morgan, the editor (sorry EX-editor) of the worst paper ever, the daily mirror.


"becuase he has a blatant hatred for the british armend forces and never said sorry for tarring their reputation by printing false pictures, which he never took the time to check for veracity

Oh and hes a tit aswell!" :twisted:

PS i notice ainsley harriot and abi titmuss have about 20 entries between them! 8O :D
Wonderful site. Just like this one but I can call Hoon a proper C**T on theirs. Off to do it now.
AAHHHHH. Feels much better to get that of my chest. Hope they allow it onto the list.
On Alanis Morrisette:
Isn't it ironic? You wouldn't know irony if it ran on stage and bit you on the cnut. A traffic jam when you're already late is not ironic, it's fcuking coincidence. Who gives a flying fcuk if you find 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife? Not me. Get a grip, you moany Canadian bint.
On Jesus said:
Always drinking wine in the bible and talking shit. Drunk Cunt
Outstanding :D
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