Cnuts at a remembrance service

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. Charles fcuking Clarke; looked like he really, really resented having to attend the service at the Cathedral. Grumpy, commie fcuker.

    The two cnuts who had their mobile phones go off during the service.

    It was a shame, because the everyone else there was respectful and it was a really good turnout.

    What should be done to these people?
  2. Was you there or was this televised?
  3. I was there
  4. Can you hear a mobile phone ring when it's inserted into someone's colon?
  5. In that case..the disrespectful cnut!!

    Contact the daily mail immeidetly!

    Spelling is mong today
  6. We (village in Cambs, good turnout from all including scouts, RBL etc) had some cretin blowing his car horn, revving his engine and shouting out the window about what the hold up was.

    The female PCSO who had stopped the traffic gave him an good earful; didn't stop him so a couple of members of the congregation (one wearing South Atlantic medal) went round the corner where the noise was coming from.

    They came back a minute or so later; the noise had stopped ... we carried on. The aim had been achieved.
  7. I didn't make it into the Cathedral Crabby but there were a couple of phones go off where I was standing at City Hall. Several people looked at them in a way that made it clear what they were.

  8. The cunt copper who talked through the bugler doing the last post at my local parade!
  9. yes but it's better if it's set to "Vibrate"..................errr...allegedly :wink:
  10. After warning everyone else to turn their phones off, the vicars phone went off 3 times. Was a shocking ring tone as well.
  11. British Consul rep at the Reichswald Forest CCWG Cemetery was the first to lay a wreath on behalf of the Queen, flanked by an army major and a senior RAF Regt Officer - Pity he was wearing trainers at the time. It raised a few eyebrows. :roll:
  12. Hmm, good one.

    Anyone notice on the televised ceremony at Albert Hall, that Cyclops (Brown) was pretty much falling asleep?

    Either that, or he was praying.

    I hope the later.

  13. I presume you mean the Consul rep was wearing the trainers ????

  14. Duhh! Yes.
  15. roger. will take myself away and thrash myself for being a knob!