Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cynical-Subbie, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. Darren Day

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  2. Damon Albarn

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  3. Gunny Highway

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  4. Kurt Cobain

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  5. Pete Doherty

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  6. Ozzy Osbourne

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  7. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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  1. After the raging debate and the opinions offered, now put your money where your mouth is!!!
  2. Can't you put an option: "All of the above except Mozart" :?:

    Ooooooops - just seen Gunny's name on the list - he's not one either, he just wants to have one to play with! :D
  3. Voted PD , all the others had some talent
  4. Gunny is only on there because it works like an ID parade- it will be interesting to see if anyone identifies him as the cnut though! No offence Gunny- just a bit of artistic licence.
  5. That absolute tosser Doherty - grrrrr
  6. It would be necrophililia with old Kurt Cobain - surely?

    Or should we have sub cat - Dead Cnuts?
  7. Can i voter more than once, cant decide between Albarn, Day and Doherty. all cnuts but for different reasons.
  8. No offence taken.
  9. and this is useful to Arrse in what way?
  10. Is this not the NAAFI Bar? Does it have to be useful?

    Doherty is a total Wnaker!
  11. I am not denying he is a total cnur but this could have just been added to on thread statred by same author wnaker
  12. Absolutely none- well said!
  13. fnar fnar!! never seen anyone mess about with quotes before, that was very class and original.

    I bet your a riot in the mess
  14. Ah, so it is an officer thing?!!!

    Suddenly it all becomes clear. I shall take heed of your signature and leave well alone- more arrse MOD Nazism on your part, as per usual. Enjoy.
  15. Ok is this cue for me to bite?

    I would so hate for you not to think you are cleverer, than a mere ex squaddie. maybe you could add yours and my name to the poll see who gets the most votes, as it will change my whole life...