cnut on liveleak

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by medman82, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Not sure if this has been posted already and I'm too fcuking angry to check..

    Who is this opinionated tosser, I want to cause him "aggravation". Why is he still breathing, the oxygen thieving twat doesn't deserve to wear flesh.

    Yours in angriness

  2. You need to lie down mate. Looking for things just to annoy yourself isn't healthy.
  3. Nothing more than a monkey's miscarriage.

    Beneath contempt.

    To respond would be to validate it with some sort of standing.
  4. "who didn't do go to any exams"

    perfik inglish.
  5. It's not difficult to spot a man who's never got his dick wet... chill out Med -
    every opinion is to be found on the internet - even the ones which don't sit too well with us.

    "A man thinks meanly of himself for not having served."

    Precisely petite - not worth raising your blood pressure over.
  6. Looks like an immigrant, deport him :D
  7. What's this rubbish all about?
  8. i wouldn't even waste my time responding to this guy who is clearly insane and has nothing much to do apart from rant and swear. complete loser.
  9. Its been on before
  10. He is showing all the signs of being an RCB failure, striking out at the institution that rejected him.
  11. I found the young man quite amusing; in a sort of student, militant type of way. I noticed his cat got up and went a couple of minutes after he had started to rant and I suspect "pussy", is the only friend he has in that lonely bedsit.
    See? There are people worse of than those who choose to serve the colours. :D
  12. Been on before not long ago - Somebody upset him at Sandhurst. He was back squadded.

  13. :D

    I'd fill him in if I wasn't such a sausage-loving, marmite-mining, weasel-bashing, shirt-lifting, lilly-livered, custard-faced, arse-bandit- pussy............or whatever it was

    That was actually quite amusing. :D
  14. Been done a few months ago.....

    General feeling was not good towards him...
  15. Do we have a name then? Fcuk persec mate :D