cnut on liveleak

Nothing more than a monkey's miscarriage.

Beneath contempt.

To respond would be to validate it with some sort of standing.
It's not difficult to spot a man who's never got his dick wet... chill out Med -
every opinion is to be found on the internet - even the ones which don't sit too well with us.

"A man thinks meanly of himself for not having served."

Precisely petite - not worth raising your blood pressure over.
What's this rubbish all about?


He is showing all the signs of being an RCB failure, striking out at the institution that rejected him.
I found the young man quite amusing; in a sort of student, militant type of way. I noticed his cat got up and went a couple of minutes after he had started to rant and I suspect "pussy", is the only friend he has in that lonely bedsit.
See? There are people worse of than those who choose to serve the colours. :D
Been on before not long ago - Somebody upset him at Sandhurst. He was back squadded.


I'd fill him in if I wasn't such a sausage-loving, marmite-mining, weasel-bashing, shirt-lifting, lilly-livered, custard-faced, arse-bandit- pussy............or whatever it was

That was actually quite amusing. :D
what a damn tool!!!!

your right when you say` you can spot someone who hasn`t dipped his wick!

i was almost tempted to share my dry opinions with him via this video he wants soooo bad.

god i bet his mothers proud:)she should have self aborted that gimp or given herself powerzone toilet bleech up her mutt.

(trouble is this is the kinda twat that would throw a grenade into the bunk tents of his own men!!!

lucky the army has such a strict joining system as this guys perfic for the navy
the boy probably failed his barb test and been sore ever since.

ps first message on arrse but i had to say somthing about that cock.
yeah sore cos his `dads`are gonna give him a ANOTHER spanking for failing:)

he`s just nervous because his dads are paying him that visit again!!!(like they do everynight)lol
Seen it before. But reminds me of a mong who used to work where i do. He made me laugh because i think he had a thing for a S.African dude who worked there to who's a mate of mine. The S.African dude was going to join the TA. Then the mong came to and said oh im thinking of joining the TA to with the line "You get paid for it don't you?" Can imagine my face to that question. So i said yeah and walked off.

Few weeks later S.African dude decides not to join. Few weeks later i get some info about the regs through the post so there i am reading through it on my break. Go back to work and S.African dude asks me so what do you want go into i said Engineers, to the point where the mong pipes up and says you cnut you want to kill civvies and i looked and said yeah thats the only reason you f**king moron. Did get one plus never had to talk to the over opinionated mong again. And i don't think he liked the can you open this can with your buck tooth!
What a complete waster. Definitely been done over by a squaddie at some point. That's a severe chip on his shoulder, almost laughable really. Deserves a punch in the chops that's for sure.

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