Cnut fight

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Stabtiffy2b and Bennet both bug the living fcuk out of me for different reasons. In the entire time on here only three or four people actually make me type with clenched fists and a grimace on my handsome chops.

    Can we make these two fight each other? Can we put them in the deep end of an empty swimming pool, remove the ladders and make them set about each other with an array of blunt, heavy weaponry.

    I know neither could probably fight thier way out of a bran flake box but I'd be amused to see them bitch scrap and attempt to hurt each other.

    The winner could be taken out for a drink with some real people before being hung from a lamp post and set alight

    Who else would we like to see 'at arms' with each other?
  2. i have to agree...even though i've no idea what you're on about!
  3. Someone's changed their tune. Alzheimers setting in, old man? The other option would be to just walk from the deep end, to the shallow end, then climb out :roll:

    However, in the spirit of the thread, I'd like to see MDN & Aunty Stella in a tag team Brawl with Auld-Yin and Abacus.

    The battle of the Northen Monkeys Vs the Sweaty Socks. Granted that no-one would understand a word that they're saying.
  4. Bennett Vs Woody 32

    both bug the siht out of me for some reason
  5. i must admit stabtiffy is he a stab and a tiffy...if so i forgive him...he knows no better!
  6. No because there would be big dogs there and fat birds in high heels to stamp on your fingers.

    Not changed my tune, you've just bugged fcuk out of us all and now your going to pay by fighting another tiresome irritating student cnut.
  7. Pentwyn V Mad_dog

    in 2' of baked beans and the weapons are 9" rubber dildos

  8. bennet and pentwyn

    has to be

    bennet's just special and we've almost all got something against pentwyn, in addition to blunt, heavy weaponary can there be a lion as well? Removal of the odd limb will make it more interesting
  9. Blondebint v pentwyn

    The winner gets to take Flashy, the object of their desire, on a date! 8O :lol:
  10. I'd like to see Liz and Dale try fighting while trying to avoid the powerful suction of each others cavernous stench pots - that they try to pass off as a snatch.

    Then they should be placed in stress positions and made to listen to white noise while having their hoops probed with a cactus (a big one), once they have been driven suitably insane - they can then be handed an SA 80 each and we can laugh as they turn their weapons on themselves and rid the world of these two fu.ckwits at long last.
  11. Did anyone else just get wood?
  12. Wait for bonfire night and donate all useless cnuts to local kids for free sound effects with their roast chestnuts.
  13. It would be like watching two locusts fight.

  14. I hope Stabtiffy2b wins and the prize is a new medal block :- MOUTH or OPINIONS'R'US would be good. Over 50 posts so far this week and its only wed lunchtime.
  15. Yep