CNO officers Uniform?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by silverbackgiant, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. Hi

    My name Michael Mitchell, I'm directing a short film "For Queen and Country" a story about a young boy who yearns for his father to return home from war.

    In one of the scenes in the film a CNO (Casualty Notification Officer) informs the next of kin that their husband has been killed in action.

    I want to make this scene look as authentic as possible, therefore I am in need of some advice.

    What does a CNO officer wear? What would his uniform look like.

    I am aware that minimum rank for a CNO is that of a Captain. Could this uniform be purchased or hired anywhere?

    The film has a really powerful message about our brave soldiers who are still fighting on the battlefield, while making sacrifices that many of us could never truly understand.

    If this post has offended anyone then I apologise in advance, my aim is not to upset anyone just to accurately reflect a procedure performed by the army.
  2. Wouldnt he be a chaplain of some sort? So surely a dog collar and the old WW2 pattern officers service dress.
  3. In what era is the film set?
    If modern-day and the family lives in the MQ Patch then normally the Families Officer would act as CNO.
    Uniform for the Families Officer is civvies so he is more approachable for the wives with their problems.
    When acting as CNO he would probably have the Unit Padre along with him and the local SSAFA and other welfare reps informed and on call.

    Correction - If the unit is deployed then the Unit Padre is more than likely also deployed with them.
    Therefor his replacement covering for him till he gets back from tour.
  4. Iv'e heard that the chaplain is only required as 2nd for the CNO officer if one is available.
  5. The film is set in this current modern era. Civilian clothing? Interesting i'm getting to many conflicting reports, Someone else just told me they turn up in No 2 dress uniform with regimental tie.
  6. The Unit Chaplain, or more likely his substitute due to the Unit Chaplain being away with the troops, may technically not be required but I am pretty certain that any CNO worth his salt will have him along for the trip knowing that the Casualty Notification is going to be very traumatic for the family.
  7. Minimum rank is WO2 dressed normally in civvies - a suit and tie. Doesn't have to be from the unit concerned and very rare that the padre will be in initial attendance. I've done it 4 times this year already so it's not heresay.
  8. Bollox - Mixed dress
  9. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Minimum SSgt, actually, depending on rank of the casualty ;)

    CNO - Notification Officer - would always be dressed in smart civilian suit. He would ideally NEVER be from the persons unit (this is sometimes unavoidable), and does not even have to be of the same cap badge. His job is to get there when tasked by JCCC as fast as possible, even if it's 3 in the morning to deliver the bad news. He may have an assistant, but if time is pressing will do it alone. His job is to be the "bad bastard", and deliver the bad news. Then to ensure all other relevant people are informed (unit, welfare, other family members, etc) and - once he is certain that the family have enough immediate support in place get the hell out of there. He's the bloke that "droped the big one" as it were, he'll be hated forever.

    CVO - Visiting Officer then takes over. If the family is local to the unit, it will be (again min SSgt rank dependant) a member of the unit. Families officer highly involved, but will not CVO himself as he has the rest of the regiment to consider as well. If family is not local, a CVO of the same capbadge from a closer unit will be appointed.

    2 or even 3 CVO's could even be appointed, depending on family dynamics (divorced parents who can't stand the sight of each other, etc).

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
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  10. I think the best bet would be for the OP to contact the MOD's press office. They'll give you a definitive answer - it very likely depends on the regiment/capbadge that's involved anyway so make sure you can tell them that too.
  11. I tried that, for some strange reason they said they ain't allowed to disclose that information on the phone.
  12. Then do it in writing explaining why you are after the info.
    Sounds like a pivotal scene in your film. You do want to get it right, don´t you.?
  13. I wrote an email explaining the situation and I am currently awaiting a reply.

    And yes I do want to get it right, however what is slowly becoming clear is that there is a mix opinion on what a CNO officer should wear even within the army personnel itself.

  14. No there isn't, read the posts, its civilian suit.

    Then bother your arse to find out about No2 Dress and types of tie worn with it.......
  15. All posts here said that for modern-era, civvy dress, smart suit, is what would be worn.
    The only other option mentioned here, No. 2´s with Regt Tie (Mixed dress) came from you.
    Where did you get that from?
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