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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Englishspringer, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Our unit recently received a letter from 51 Bde notifying us that they had decided all regular and NRPS WO's & SSgts were to do a CNO/CVO course and start doing brigade CNO/CVO duties.
    It is my personal belief (and our regular RSM & RQMS) that these duties should be a function of command (that is officers!) so I looked up TA Regs and it intimates that NRPS should not be doing this type of work. Apart from CNO/CVO not being on any of our NRPS TACOS, it just seems like a typical slopey shoulders from an SO2 with an aversion to doing duties.
    Anyone shed any light on whether this is to be done across the board or is 51 Bde wrong?
  2. I know NRPS who have done this in a different part of the country. Can't face searching TA Regs, but I can't think of any reason why NRPS should be excluded.

    There is no reason whatsoever that I can see why this job should fall purely to officers.
  3. As far as I am aware, (couple of years in welfare), it is always a DE Major or LE Captain who performs these roles ?
  4. Book says Warrant Officer and above, prefered same service as the casualty, I have just organised a course for my establishment, all Officers and 1 x WO1, Tri Service, once on the Database they can ping you at any time, it's a 1 day course with input from the Padre.

    Spk to you SO2 G1/G4 at your Bde for details.


  5. wtf! There are hardly any Regulars in Scotland. What do u expect, a major from Bde HQ to travel from Stirling to Aberdeen or Wick to deliver the bad news when the city is already hoaching with NRPS who "know the patch".

    Often there are muliple notifications to be done all across Scotland at the same time so there is really no alternative to tasking NRPS staff. It also helps because more and more these days sadly the casualty comes from their own TA Bn and they may well know the family, so far better a 'kent face than a strange staff officer from a far distant HQ.

    Get over it, this is a really important duty that needs to be done in a correct, sympathic and speedy manner. You too are paid 24/7 so start being prepared to earn it!.
  6. Pmr,

    Quite agree with the paid 24/7 and I have no problem with being on the list and doing the duty but a bit of X factor would be nice!! - With all the other stuff we are expected to do now we have the time and effort saving JPA I put in a lot more time, than I ever did as a regular for less cash! Now we seem to be expected to do all the other duties expected of a regular as well! Maybe when we lose HDT we will also have the privilege of paying for the fuel expended visiting a bereaved family to deliver the news!

    As far as I am aware NRPS officers in 42 Bde have always done this duty, NRPS WOs along with regular WOs were brought on line about 18 months ago.

  7. Paymaster, agree with Paywog re the 24/7 and the other points he makes. Yes I know it is a very important duty (having a son in 2 Mercians who has thankfully just returned safely), but please don't spout sh1te about being prepared to earn my money, I damn well do and always have, unlike most of the officers in my unit who go fishing and to meetings about fishing on a regular basis, get sent home for a few days to catch up on their work and leave training weekends/evenings early because rugby is on the telly.

    Paywog hit the nail on the head with "I put in a lot more time, than I ever did as a regular for less cash! Now we seem to be expected to do all the other duties expected of a regular as well!"
  8. Agree with both Pay Wog and English Springer a failing in the number of Regulars in Scotland shouldn't make it someone else's problem. These guys seem to be getting lumbered with more and more for less cash.

    For those in the know having done this training as a Staffie does that mean I will not be used.

    Note to self: It means you won't deploy - yeah right.

  9. Jockster,

    Having recently done the Trg, the way it was explained was that WOs and Commissioned officers would carry out CNO duties (Break the bad news) and SNCOs would carry out ACNO (Assistants that ensure family looked after.) Idea being CNO can concentrate on soldiers partner and be universally hated as the bearer of bad news then leave, ACNO can make the brews make sure kids don't get bad news at same time as mum and remain with the family until the CVO/families Officer turns up to give assistance from the parent unit.

    It is a sad fact of military life that this is no longer a "Sleeping duty" and more personnel are required.
  10. Are you suggesting that the functions of command only apply to officers..?

    Why would an experienced Warrant Officer or SNCO not be able to carry out the duties of CNO/CVO..??

    I would go as far to say that they would be preferable to a brand new 2Lt - especially if (god forbid) they had to deliver the ultimate bad news.

    This may well be an SO2 with slopey shoulders, but slopey shoulders don’t always delegate downwards – it works both ways. There will always be Warrant Officers and SNCOs who will take a back seat and let the 'Rodney' crack on - Safe in the knowledge that he has just been 'had over' by a more experienced soldier.

    If it is in the TACOS for NRPS is another matter.
  13. [quote="Santa_Sunday]So that's that then is it...?? SNCOs can't do CNO/CVO and it's JPA's fault. See my last about slopey shoulders working both ways...[/quote]

    Santa that's not what I said. I said I can't do it as I would be doing the Admin.

    I would happily do it if someone else took on the NOTICAS etc etc however would you rather I left that to a junior clerk?

    Not sloping shoulders but being realistic.

  14. I think that in this day and age when we have so many deployed I believe we should all muck and in do our bit. I have been called upon to do the task quite recently and the reason for the change in policy is not because someone is being lazy but to spread the load. Having seen the area to be covered by 51 Bde and the number of regulars who are available it makes sense. If all personnel who are eligible to carry out the task (WO2 and above) were to step up to the plate you would get on average one duty per 9 months.
  15. Posted the same question on the CGS forum on ArmyNet. The reply is worth a look.