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CNN: Britans Blair Revealed He Smacked His Children

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TankiesYank, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Link to story here.

    I just thought it was interesting that this story is on the CNN homepage. I'm not sure why they think Americans would find this story particularly interesting...corporeal punishment comes up now and again in Spamland, but I think most people recognize the inherent danger in making an issue of it.
  2. More of a fan of non-corporeal punishment myself.

    Blair's parents didn't smack their children hard enough.....
  3. Heh. Or with anything.

    I'm a product of it, but that's because I was NOT the kind of kid that responded to psychology. My sisters were sufficiently intimidated by threats and voice-raising, whereas I needed a few notably indelicate a$$-whuppin's in order to get facing front. I don't regret it because I understand what my parents were trying to do...mainly, frighten me enough to keep me from killing my fool self.

    It clearly isn't right, or necessary, for every child. But I do think the flexibility to make that decision (within reason, of course) should be left with the parents.
  4. I wonder if T Bliar smacks other peoples children?

    Edited by PTP
  5. No Queensman , he just gets them killed or maimed.
  6. Well, "Tankis Yank", I hope your kin never have occasion to brush with my kin!
    I'm tempted to say " As a parent, you should be ashamed of yourself, ma'm, but I won't!
    Suffice it to say that you should just hibernate on when you (yourself) were just ten-years-old, fifteen-years-old, even twenty-years-old!!! Think really hard about it, really hard!!!

    We should also deliberate on the question of who the fück ever gave us the all-knowing oversight to tell our kids what to do!!! Sound bizarrre? Take a good and long look at what your view of things is doing to your kids, pazzi! :roll: :roll: :roll:

  7. PTP,
    You wre into Queensman's post faster than a litigious labour lawyer....... we hope.
  8. Rickshaw , I really really hope I was.....
  9. Sorry PTP. Couldn't resist that one - and rather hoped you'd be stuck in traffic on the way home!!
  10. You need eyes in your Arrse to moderate this forum ;)
  11. Bugger! I have clearly missed a little Queensman gem.

    I always knew that Bliar would beat his children - he is, after all, a spanker of the first order...
  12. I got smacked with a wooden spoon, when I was younger until my buttocks was close to bleeding. I turned out fine though. But be warned the people in my head will be very angry if you smack your kids.
  13. Check your PMs for a PM about the PM!
  14. Caught out again! I'm sprogless. No doubt having the little darlings would change my notions? :D

    PTP, with the speed of a thousand greased weasels...
  15. Beating your kids and "smacking" them are two totally different things. A "smack" across the rump when they are acting up, is totally different then getting a cord and whipping them until they are cut/bleeding.

    Spare the rod, spoil the child.