CNN banned from IRAN

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by midnight, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. The sh*ts hit the fan in CCN land!

    CNN misquoted the Iranian P.M.,stating that Iran had the right to nuclear wepons.

    What he really said,was that Iran had the right to nuclear energy;Hope Georgy boy has taken his finger off the button!.

    CNN has started crawling and snivelling,to be let back in,but who can blame Iran,for being peeved,over p*ss poor translators?

    One day, some plonker might tell us the Iranians have just launched nukes at Israel! It would probably too late to correct the spelling,as the first rockets would be already flying towards Tehran.

  2. Was it CNN who claimed the yugo's sunk a US Carrier? Or is that just my memory playing up?
  3. Got any links to this, midnight? Really would appreciate that!

  4. Hey....who honestly thinks iran is only after nuclear energy?

    Their faux indignation and outright deception has carried them this far, despite their barking presidents declarations against israel and the west.We've been appeasing these lunatics since 1988 when we didn't pursue the links to the Lockerbie bombings...
  5. Try watching CNN,you´ll know it when you see the presenters on their knees,with deeply red cheeks!!
  6. Please don´t understand me(as the Animals used to sing),I believe that Iran would love to have the bomb,but,CNN should get their facts and interpretations right before they broadcast.This could have been very nasty,if it had provoked instant retaliation from Israel.
  7. Right! OK! So where are the links I asked you to provide? Wossamaryma wivya, man? Gerronit!!!

  8. Midnight, need a link or I'll have to close the thread.
  9. Bugsy,what did your last slave die of?

    Switch the effing TV on,if you can get off your fat arrse!Or try teletext,I´m sure even the snails at the Beeb ,will have picked it up by now.

    I have no idea how to include a link :oops:
  10. Highlight the link at the top of the page where the story is. Right click the mouse , select "copy"

    Come back to this page, right click again , this time selecting "paste"

    The link will now be dropped into the page. then press "Submit" as you would normally.

    Here is one I did earlier

    Iranian President throws a wobbly over dodgy translation
  11. From the Horses' mouth

    Amanpour trying to make a name for herself again? No , surely not :roll:
  12. Hey, midnight, all I asked is that you back up what you say with credible arguments! What's the matter with you? :D :D :D

  13. Leave a space before you post a url , then it will hotlink.
  14. Well seduce my ancient footware,thanks PTP,always wondered how that worked......they don´t call me Midnight for nothing!!