Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by J-L-C, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I'm hoping to apply to become a CMT and while the info u get on the official army site is helpful i was hoping for some real information from people with hands on experience. so can someone tell me what its like? and what do u do at the selection process? I'm female so the times for the 1.5 mile run would be really helpful too! many thanks x
  2. Have a good read through the previous threads on this forum. There is some good info, unfortunately theres a lot of crap too! It may take a while but you will find that most of the questions have allready been answered.
  3. wow you helped!
  4. Alot of the stuff i have read have really been against CMTs. Its really offputting.
  5. It is mostly just banter between the trades, if we wern't insulting each other all the time we would feel unloved :D
  6. oh right thats okay then! I'm reading all this stuff about the selection process and the more i read the more nervous i get!
  7. Glad to be of assistance! :salut:
  8. A link or two perhaps?
  9. meaning you want a link or two?
  10. Im not very good with the whole "linky" thing. Besides, that means I'd have to trawl through all this nonsense again to find the right bits and to be honest, I dont think I have it in me!
  11. Well. Being a CMT.12.30mins is the time for females. It depends on your age.
  12. Run times can be found here along with all the fitness standards

  13. thanks sh1tjobs and Valley! the information you both gave was really helpful! cheers!