CMT3 looking to go on tour

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by weeman164, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys I'm a cmt3 looking to on go tour as soon as possible as I'm getting v long in tooth (39) can you tell me what I can do who to talk to etc my PSI is off at the min Thanks
  2. as a CMT 3 you are not going to be deployed (not to Afghan at least)
  3. get on your Class 2 and at least be of use!
  4. I need to get some experience.Any tour will do
  5. as a class 3 youll not be allowed to do anything, so theyd have to take someone more qualified off the deployment o put you on it. Can you get yourself onto your Class 2?
  6. Seriously mate, I did my class 2 a few months ago and im due on my cmt 1 in a few months. As a cmt3 you can pretty much do jack all in the way of medical care when compared to cmt2 in a battlefield environment. Get your cmt 2 sorted and then theres a possibility that you can go on tour or if you want to be a team medic in an infantry section then get yourself on the team medic course.

    I believe priority on the deployment orbat goes to cmt1 with batls because of the injuries soldiers are receiving out on the ground.
  7. I'm with you on this, the team medic course is really good and very relevant. As I understand it they want units to deploy with 1 in 4 being team medic trained. Get yourself on that course and I imagine it'll get you a tour.
  8. As a CMT3 they properly wouldn't even let you wipe an Afghan's backside let alone go out and get casualties from the ground. I have known two people to go on ops as a cmt3 but that is because they have done the team medics course so they could a least do a MIST report out on the ground.
  9. wee man,

    as a 3 - no hope,

    as a 2 - slim hope in trade. whats your G4 knowledge like

    as a 1 - good chance, of working in stores
  10. How have you managed to do these 2 courses so quickly ? I was under the impression you needed at least a year between courses ?

    unless of course you are a NHS professional ?
  11. I was thinking that. I did my CMT 2 in Sept and was told I needed to wait 12 months before my CMT 1.
    Last year I got the chance to be deployed to Afghan and did the CMT 1 ramp up course. I passed the course, but on the last day they came in and read out 6 names, those of us who were CMT 3's at the time. We got dropped from the course.
    Sucks but that's the way it is..
  12. Yes your correct, you have to wait a year in between your class trade training which I have done between class 3 and 2. I'm trying to get mobilised with 5 scots. If I get confirmed that im mobilising then I will be on the CMT 1 course in Jan 2010. If not then I will be on the June course.
  13. oh good,although I was kind of hoping you were going to give me some sort of back door short cut ! but im glad we have all been told the same thing ,which is a very rare thing .
  14. Thanks guy for the help was just looking for a tour to any were as anything. Now is a good time for me to go. Does not have to be as a CMT
  15. As everyone else has stated do your class 2, your not much use until you do.
    Then find out which brigade is going next,find out which units are in that Brigade and then start asking if they need extra manpower. Any Med Sjt worth his/her salt will say yes just for more manpower.You'll be watched minutely and may not get to do as much as you hope for but you need to do the leg work.Good luck.