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  1. Hi all.
    Sorry for the question, I have looked all over on here and cannot find a straight answer before posting.

    I'm a cmt2 in a non medical
    unit. Civvie job EMT in ambulance service.

    Hoping to deploy next year, unit don't know much about medics as
    the only one.
    BART and BTLS
    what do they consist of and are they open to cmt2(v) upon deployment?

    Further to this, team medics, what can they do? Protocols and kit?
    As it's nice to know what others can do.

    Also, can't find it on armynet, nsn for standard non advanced med kit.
    And dates for cmt1(v)2010.

    Big ask with all these questions, but I'm sure you guys can help.
  2. To be honest, as a CMT 2 the chances of deploying are slim. I can speak on that because I have had LAND throw a nice mobilisation rejection in my face on Thursday. The next CMT1 course is in Jan 2010 however that is overbooked. The one after is in May 2010 so get yourself booked on that. Once your cmt 1 trained, good luckw with trying to mobilise as a cmt because for some reason LAND don't like TA CMT's and look down on them.
  3. please don't take this as too harsh a criticism, but to be honest the only TA CMTs i'd trust to do anything more than put on a plaster or FFD are those who have a health and or emergency services background outwith the TA ... even if they are only SJA or BRC first aid / ambulance members ...

    i don't see any TA resources out supporting the NHS ambulance services, unlike the regulars ( through First response e.g. or SJA and BRC ...

    from the point of view of a HCP volunteering with SJA the two activities that the clinical management team feel contributed most to development of Experience and the application of knowledge are

    1. NHS ambulance support
    2. town centre 'nightlife' Operations
  4. Right mph1977, you have just opened something for me which I'm interested in. PM inbound
  5. Hi there,
    I'm a CMT 2(V) and just been asked if I want to put my name down for Herrick next year. As part of the training, you get put through the CMT 1(R) course.

    I disagree with the idea voiced above that LAND look down on CMT (V)'s. As part of a medical regiment, we had a dozen deployed this year at the same time. Some were in Bastion and some were embedded out on the ground with a certain infantry regiment.

    The actions of an organisation that looks down on CMT (V)'s?
  6. We had a regular army officer who seemed like he hated the TA on my cmt2 course a while ago. At the start of the course all he would bang on about TA this and TA that and why should TA be cmt's,etc. Got to the point where no body on the course gave a sh* about his **** attitude.

    At the end of the day, its down to the individual medic.I cant really see a soldier with his leg missing complain about a TA medic treating him. All he cares about is that individual person saving his life and getting him back alive.
  7. Mr_d and cup_of_tea
    thanks for that, am trying to get on my 1s and soonest. You guys do the barts/btls course?

    Mph1977. Thanks got your input, a touch off course, but thank you.
    Having said that, I'm sure if you were laying in a ditch and I turn up (cmt2V/ihcd Amb/phect/first responder) I wouldn't waste my time listing my tickets. Infact, I'd hope a CMT of any persuaision (sp) would get stuck in.
    VAS, we do NHS support work and "safe space" in Brighton most Friday nights(BRC).-see me on Brighton beach patrol-
    So what if TA medics don't support NHS. Unless they are sad trauma junkies like me, they should be at home or
    work or TA or something.
    A medic is a medic.
    All I wanted was some more info, and got quite a negative post from you.
    Having said that, I'm assuming you are SRP(?) I AM impressed that you are not a pin number elitist. Respecting the skills and training of VAS. You military?

    Cheers, if anyone got any ideas on btls/barts or syllabus for cmt1, please feel free to pm me.
  8. Mate, PM inbound
  9. Cheers.
  10. not a Paramedic , A Nurse with a long standing VAS membership (SJA, been a member for 20 + years., including as cadets, been crew for 9 or 10 years) was TA , pondering going back or even going regular but i suspect that will be on hold for a while cos of the meds i'm on at the minute ,,,

    my point was - you get TA CMTs giving it the big I am about the fact they are BARTS trained .. great but when was the last time you actually saw a patient beyond a plaster... here's where the First responder, Johnnie/ BRC, etc comes into their own , you've got SJA and BRC members out for hundreds of hous a year seeing in some cases a damn sight more trauama than some NHS ambi bods ,,,,
  11. Much respect for the service(not a wah).
    St john ECA course.... 10 days long (after faw and med gasses and getting exp
    on duties) please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm BRC and not an expert on Johnnies.
    BRC ihcd course after 4day standard course +1 refresher+Aed and duties experience, ihcd course is 14 days(just been extended for salbutamol/gtn/lma/bmonitoring.
    Cmt 3 14 days
    plus training nights, weekends and outside experience.

    Keeping up the skills is great, I worked with a civvy nurse the other week, she was 'doong' a bank shift... Not worked nursing in a year, but had done a 4day faaw and ILS to get her 30odd hours of training to keep her number.
    It works both ways.
    The army is difficult enough to get the training in the first place, even more so to get refreshed.
    No one really wins. I'd feel annoyed if I was a cmt @weekends and an office worker 9-5 and never got told of new protocols and stuff if I was with a non medical unit.
    Cmt with medical units usually are kept up to date with protocol and procedures by the full time Docs/RNs/medics
    at their unit.
    Thanks for your views.
  12. I believe that is more of an individual issue. I'm a cmt in a non-med unit and theres a store coporal who thinks he is a hardcore medic having completed his cmt 3 a few years ago. He was trying to give me a lesson on how to use an emergency aspirator and bigs it up. This is the guy who also couldn't tell the difference between a spinal board and an orthopaedic stretcher.

    I'm hopefully going on a few med courses in a few months just to increase my medical skills knowledge. That will go along way out in theatre. At the end of the day, it's down to the individual which determines whether they are competent medics. I've seen shite medics and good medics and thats TA and Regs.
  13. You are Zippy and I claim my £1.50 gift voucher. :wink: :wink: :D