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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jase2472, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. i know you have to wait 12 months between CMT 3 and CMT 2 but what if any do you have to wait between the CMT 2 and CMT1


  2. msr

    msr LE

    Ask your PSI.

  3. It is 12mths between CMT 2 + 1.

    However if you gain a distinction on your CMT3 then the wait is only 6mths before your CMT2, same applies for CMT 2
  4. it's standard policy to wait and put that experience to use.If you have a switched on psi,you'll get on the course.if not you'll have to wait till there's a space on the next course.depending who's country the army's invading next.I thank you.
  5. There's no distinction on CMT2 any more, and getting a distinction at class 3 doesn't matte. It's down to your PSI and PSAO if you'll get on it. If they can come up with a good enough reason then you'll be on it.

    T C
  6. msr

    msr LE

    This has nothing to do with the PSAO.

  7. It did in my case. He stuck his oar in and I didn't go.

    T C
  8. Is CMT a good trade?....its just that I quite fancy havin a go at that as one of my possible trades to put down on my forms......but read on here how its all got fu@ked up and CMT's cant do anything without supervision and generally used for doing skivvy type jobs and gonna be turned into healthcare asistants (arse wiping and emptying bedpans???? Any ideas?

  9. Are CMTs a recruitment gap at the moment? What about retention? :?
  10. Have a look around this forum and you'll get a good idea. Some CMT's have a blinding time, lots of cool jobs and relevant training and some end up as the QM's brew bitch.

    The supervision aspect is mainly a TA problem (I think) but that to is being addressed (allegedly!)

    It's all a bit smoke and mirrors at the moment!

    T C
  11. So would you recommend it? I know it's my decision but am thinking to go CMT at a local unit. I just got the impression if I did I'd be told in the near future my trade has disapperared and I can either re-badge or become care assistant whuch would be a right a load of **** as far as I'm concerned and probably hassle aswell.

    If that was the case, I'd sooner just join as another trade in the first place and avoid the hassle.
  12. What other units do you have near by? Why not go to a differrent Corps (Sappers?) and then do your RCMT course with them? You'll be duel traded and get all the same medical training, with all the Sapper type bombs and bridges and drinking songs as well.

    T C
  13. I have loads of units nearby am quite lucky.......engineers, infantry sigs logistics etc and a field hospital. What is the RCMT and how does it work? As you say, I was thinking about joining one of those units but as a med corps CMT but is there another way via the RCMT????

  14. im med corps attached to Inf, i personally think its a better way of being a CMT espcially if you have decent centralised training and the opportunity to go on Ex with Feild Hosps ect, you get the best of both worlds.

    Anyone can go on the CMT/CMA course, you dont have to be RAMC. I know a few guys from Battalion that have done it and there were certainly a few inf guys on mine. Whether the unit your with has a functional space for so called RCMT's on the ORBAT is a different matter... i dont really know how it works. just ask around i guess.
  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I'm thinking about doing the CMT course (as an infantryman) sometime next year. We're supposed to have on CMT trained bod per Platoon/Multiple, but don't think we're anywhere near that. We do have a RAMC CMT at Coy HQ though as well as a couple more at Bn level (with a Doctor thrown in to boot).