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  1. I'm a State registered Paramedic and i'm about to join the RAMC TA as a CMT. I have been told that as a Paramedic after training I will be a CMT1. I also hold a Paramedic assessors qual and a national CBRN decon qual will this give me any rank? I ask this as a second year nurse can join as an officer and in the NHS only specialist nurses have the resposibility I have. I work with nurses on a day to day basis and know what highly professional people they are but I'm going into the TA with little knowledge so it's just a question not a dig in any way.
  2. I don't think the quals will give you rank straight away. You need to train as a soldier and a CMT. They are a far cry from being a paramedic. You need experience in many areas of the military before getting promoted and the confidential reports play the biggest part in picking rank up. You need a couple of recomendations for promotion first and that will only come with a couple of years in a unit.

    As for Nurses they complete nurse training then go too Sandhurst to learn to be an officier. They will be promoted to LT which is the start of a commisioned career. If you join in a non-commisioned sense you will be at the bottom with the rest them having to carry out basic training and the CMT course.

    Your quals sound good and if you adjust well into the military lifestyle and way of thinking Im sure you will do well but there will be no instant promotion to CPL or SGT for having them.

    If you want rank and have the Quals speak to the careers office and see what else might tiggle your fancy. If you have the quals for a commission let them know and Im sure they will look into it for you.

    Good luck with you career.
  3. Thanks for that information. It's all taken in.