CMT1 course dates

Hi there guys, didn't have a chance to talk to the PSI last night so was wandering if anyone on here could help.

Can some one help me out with the up-coming CMT1 course dates? Also I think there is an entry test as well, the dates for that would be great also.

Thanks again,

Phone him up today. He's there all the time ;)

Except Wednesday afternoons, obviously...
MSR you fucker!

I don't think I'll be able to do it until after work... And then he wont be at work... etc

Well, seeing as this is the 21st century and the army are just dragging themselves into the 20th, you could always email him.
Oh what japes! I think I'm going to have text someone and get them to call him...

And unless he's on here I doubt I'll be able to email him! Some one must be able to help!


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