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  1. I've been looking into becoming a combat medical technician. I've trawled through here and the RAMC board, but can't actually find out what it is a CMT does on a day to day basis. Is there much/any scope for attatchment to teeth arms? Or would the role be more administrative and hospital based? Basically, I want to find out whether the role is more "combat" or "technician". Even though it's a big cliche, I'd like to get fairly stuck in.

    Cheers for any help.
  2. I had pretty much the same questions to ask , I was originally after CMT as my first job choice , but Im leaning towards the RAC, I think you do a tour in a Field hospital or med regt (no idea what day to day is there), then you can get posted out to a unit (probably infantry) if youre any good. Or at least thats the gist of what my recruiter told me. Still not made my mind up totally.
  3. civi_git is your recruiter in the RAC? :evil:
  4. Infanteer actually, they think Im wierd looking at cav too :)
  5. Im sure mine is in the AA.
  6. Would I get a better reply to this on the RAMC board?
  7. try a search for CMT, there are threads galore about it
  8. That actually makes it a nightmare to find an informative one :D
  9. but starting another one only makes it harder for the next person, who then starts a thread, gets told to do a search...... :(
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Nip over to the medics forum and post a link to this thread. Then PM Filbert Fox with specific questions.

    If you have access to ArmyNet there is a CMT website.

    I'm told the branch is 1,600 strong at present.

    If you want to know whether they are ' attached to teeth arms ' Google on Rory Mackenzie and Iraq....