I believe so, a friend of mine has some new CMTs in his unit as it seems the previous idea has run into some problems. If a unit has got rid of its old CMTs then there are loads of jobs going mostly in non medical units possibly in medical units too as the QAs have got fed up with putting up tents guarding things, washing up etc and as these people are officers they find it all very much beneath them. Any way class III training involvers First Aid Training, Clinical Training, plus general military training and possibly a bit of Environmental Health Stuff too. if working in a non medical unit a strong character is required as they may miss use you. you may get miss used in a medical unit to i.e. permanent gate guard, tent erector etc, but see whats on offer.
you should ask this in the AMS Forum there will someone in there that can help you.
Thanks chaps, are you RAMC badged and then attached to the unit?

If the unit is para / commando is it optional to complete the courses or mandatory?
I took the CMT 3 course last year; I'm due on the CMT 2 this summer, this information is based on personal experience and conversations with staff.

On completion; I was informed that I was entitled to the RAMC cap badge. (The paper-work of re-roleing aside). As the first medic to be 'attached' to my unit for a couple of years I found getting equipment & kit ordered to be the biggest hassle. Now there are two other CMT 3 trained soldiers, and another RAMC capbadged soldier whose civvy job is student nurse.

CMT 3- First aid, basic anatomy, simple clinical work (dressing a wound)

**The word is that the 'clinical' element is being dropped from CMT 3, as in reality nurses do the clinical med centre stuff.**

CMT 2-Further anatomy, spinal support, tents & etc

**This is an extrapolation of the above, with a move away from catastrophic bleeds/breaks, to more complex injuries. Aid post style lessons, not so much patrol based as above.**

CMT 1-??? I don't yet know.

MYTH BUSTING: I was told/thought that in order to mobilise as a medic, you need to be CMT 1 trained in order to work as a CMT 2. This is, colloquially, bollocks. I know of a soldier who did a CMT 3 and was mobilised as a CMT 3.

BCDT-You cannot sign off MATTs without completing the course.
RANGES, CASSIM-Where you will spend the rest of your life! (Which is well sexy).

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