I am about to re-trade as a CMT3, I ave been told that there are changes happening with In the trade for the TA role at the moment. Can anyone tell me what they are and how It Is going to affect the role of the TA CMT and will we be used as a CMT on ops.
You could try this link, not sure if it will work. Long and short is that CMT(V) are changing to CMA(V). Direct quote from DGPL dated 08 Nov 05 'Cbt Med Tech(V) up to and including Class 1 are only to manage patients under the direct supervision of a Regular CMT1, Nurse or MO. The exclusion to this is where the CMT(V) also holds a qualification such as a Registered Nurse or IHCD State Registered Paramedic providing they are operating within the scope of practice relevant to that qualification'
Are you in an AMS unit or non AMS unit ?

If link dont work - go to Army Homepage, click on Armynet, left hand column under Arms/Services click AMS, select Cbt Med Tech webpage, its all there.

Phew!!! :) :)
Thanks for that, I am In a none AMS unit. Was going to change units but after talking to some of the lads It was suggested to stay In the unit but re-trade. CMT Is about the only trade that Interest me In my current unit as we are a bit specialised.
As far as im aware the role of the CMT or CMA within your unit, wont change hugely. This change is really set for the purpose of TA CMTs going on Ops, which in the grand scale of things i can understand why they have done it.

Though i would be intrested to know exactly what this new role will hold for us, either on FTRS or on Ops.

I think it maybe a case of just waiting to see what will happen, in the mean time im going to carry on as normal.

Unless anyone can enlighten me??!!

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