Hey I'm in the process of joining up I'm looking at the role of a CMT as it looks like an interesting and rewarding career, could anybody tell me what the training and job entails (beyond the obvious) and give me any advice on preparation for training.

Thanks in advance

You will need a keen intererst in camping outdoors and moving regularly just when your will find the reason why you do this only after 18+ years service..........

Other interests should include painting (although I'm not sure Health and Safety allows you to do this anymore), security of your camp (watching a barrior go up and down when your mates are all down the pub) and waiting around at airports (as and when directed by Tony Bliar).

On the plus side............DMSTC awaits.............more fannny than you can shake a stick at.........even F...UGLIES....get laid at Keogh.

On a serious note, CMT is a fine trade if you can handle all of the operational committments......make sure you work hard on your fitness before joining up and keep your sense of humour when things get hard.
It is a good career, it has alot of opportunities , and you'll get more tours in than most other capbadges. I can't give you much advice on the training as its a while since i did mine, although i do know that its more indepth, and you'll leave at a higher standard than the old CMTs.It is an aquired taste and if you decide its not for you, you have the option of looking at another trade. You'll start like every other trade, cleaning up the sh*t and doing the crap med work the senior bods don't want to. I wouldn't spend to much time listening to all the negativity that is published on ARRSE, give it a go, its got its good and bad like every job, make your own mind up.
**** Warning - Beer Alert ***

Sorry guys, but most of the CMT traffic on this site seems to be all to do with the chance of future qualifications in civvy street and the chance to sh*g some munter on your initial training course.

As an (ex) MA/CMT those things were not a priority.

MrSlyQ, if you want to chuck your hat into the military ring, then expect some some of the following: boring military stuff like guard duty (lots), mind numbing kit husbandry (lots) and being treated as a second-class citizen by people who have less than a tenth of your military knowledge.

However, you can also expect the opportunity to do your job (saving lives) in the most extreme conditions; having one of the most varied job specs in the AMS, and also having the opportunity to serve alongside the Army's finest (Not all get the chance, but it's there nontheless).

Add to this the fact that CMTs (usually) party hard, and get paid for the privilege - I think that's a pretty good deal. If you want to waltz into the Army and gain a few skills that may set you up for a career in civvy street and p*ss off again, then maybe it's not for you. However, if you want to pick up a few friends for life, make an impression on the soldiers you treat and like the idea of service to your country, then get in there.

*** Rant over ***

Just one more large one, barman.

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