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  1. hey im about to goto RSC. Have been looking on the net and even asked at AFCO but have but unable to find any good info on what phase 2 consists of
    just wanted to know if anyone can remember and maybe give me the basic programme

  2. Phase 2 is split into three unequal stages. The first, based at Keogh Barracks for the time being, is Tri-service and focuses on the fundamentals of clinical practice common to all three Services. You will spend a lot of time memorizing the names of various muscle groups, bones and other body parts.

    If you pass this stage (and make no mistake, it isn't easy) you will go onto your clinical placements stage. This involves working in an NHS hospital under supervision, completing a number of clinical tasks as set out in your course book. It's a bit of a swan, depending on where you work, but try not to forget you're a soldier!

    Finally, you come back for the Single Service (Army) phase, in which you learn more about the military skills associated with the CMT. Yes, this includes building tents but also includes patrol drills, casualty evacuation, weapon handling, drill and plenty of PT.

    At the end, we spit you out into the "Real World" and you become a CMT Class 2 at (in most cases) a Medical Regiment.

    Good luck.

  3. How long does it take in total to become a CMT Class 2?
  4. Its about 40 weeks. My Brother in Law is just about to start the second phase on clinical placement. He found the initial part of the course taxing but enjoyable.

    Good luck,
    wee man.
  5. 42 Weeks :frustrated:
  7. Does anyone know if the British Forces will take any previous EMS experience towards the CMT course.I live in Canada,but have plans of coming back to the UK once i get the appropriate sponsor in order and have close to 9 years of full time EMT/Primary Care Paramedic experience in Sask Canada.I am a UK citizen.

    I would also like to know if anyone could shed some light on the specific skills a CMT has,Intubation,specific Pharmacology,ACLS etc;this information seems difficult to locate.

    What can you branch off to as a CMT?
  8. As a CMT your current quals will count for little.

    You will undergo the usual Basic Infantry Course
    You'll then go to the Tri Service (Butlins) Training Establishment at Keogh Bks, Nr Aldershot.

    Mate to be honest.........its not worth it. You'll gain no accreditation, will have to do the most basic of tests to gain even the most basic of currently (Civilian) unrecognised qualifications in the RAMC.

    You will then have to serve a period of time before you even get near the 'Guccia' medically orientated jobs.

    I have to be honest and say...........join the Canadian forces.......the RAMC will give you nothing as a medic.
  9. Hey thanks for the response.I actually have completed the Canadian Forces application process as a med tech applicant.I applied semi skilled,being that i'm a PCP and trained in SK,one of four courses in Canada recognized by the Canadian Forces(it's also there current standard),but they sure string you along for what seems like an eternity;they have to conduct a PLAR(prior learning assessment review)to confirm your course is legitimate.The stupid thing is,i went through the same process a a year or so ago and was oferred a job after my PLAR was approved,but declined at the time for various reasons on recieving an offer.I was told that they are still going on my old application and just resubmitted it this time,but since it was resubmitted,they have to do another PLAR.Some clown in recruiting flat out told me that it will be approved and they all know this based on my previous offer,but until a specific clown elsewhere says yes,i just have to wait.What an ass backwards system considering med tech is on the CF urgent list,or at least it was.I guess my point is i'm fed up with waiting on them to give me a start date and started to investigate the UK option.I was supposed to start for the CF in mid Jan and have had my dates bumped repeatedly due to this PLAR hold up.The really annoying thing is that they are still taking untrained med Techs,which is not a bad thing,but a trained one is more cost effective.I talked to a guy who went in untrained,just finished basic(14 weeks) and now has to wait up to one year to take the PCP course,in the meantime they have him on base doing filing and making coffee to justify his paycheck.Once he does get a course he has 9 months of school for the PCP course and can finally start his job,meanwhile almost 3 years of his 6 year contract is up before he can even do his job.I can work as a Med Tech on completion of basic and will bipass that training,but i still wait.

    Sorry for the dragged out message and i appreciate your help,you make some solid points. You've given me some things to think about.
  10. This is worrying to me as I was led to believe that after training as a CMT you would be qualified enough to become a civilian paramedic.

    The whole reason I chose CMT as my first choice job is because I thought it would in the long run be beneficial for when I eventually did leave the army, if what you said is true then I would prefer to join as infantry. I will have to think about both jobs a bit more before making my mind up.
  11. I was under that impression (all those years ago).

    Nowhere near, but it stands you in good stead should you decide to do an EMT-B course
  12. Paramedic route is still an option, the UKSF med gp train their medic to HPC Paramedic level and then degree/PG cert etc afterwards. There are options are available, you just have to get off your arse and look for them.
  13. Paramedic route is still an option, the UKSF med gp train their medics to HPC Paramedic level and then degree/PG cert etc afterwards. There are options are available, you just have to get off your arse and look for them.
  14. MSG isn't part of the normal career path though is it.
  15. No fair point but what I meant was that there are opertunities availibie and it's not all doom and gloom.