Hi all, new to this so apologies if its in the wrong place

just finnished Phase 1 with the royal marines, wanted to be a medic and told id be waiting a long time,
decided to DAOR and join the RAMC to get it done faster. - assessment centre this coming Tuesday

some questions
there is a lot of contradictory info out there about phase 2 - some saying its a 22/23/27 weeks course at whittington barracks near Birmingham ? others saying a 52 week course at aldershot, someone who knows what the actual score is for phase 2 CMT's would be great- even better if they have personal experience (going or have been through it) seeing as everything i can find online through either the army or independent sources is either from 2014 or useless.

also what is life like in phase 2 - do you get your weekends and or evenings ?
are you treated like a trained rank going through continuation training or are you still treated like a recruit ?
at the end of phase 2 how likely am i to get posted to an infantry unit (i.e- 1 Rifles) would be my first choice as they go to Afghan next summer- currently have mates based there
how long are the ambulance placements ? how involved will you get (observing?/or getting in and amogst it )

any answer to the above would be great

cheers all

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