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A friend of mine is considering enlisting in a AMS unit as a CMT. What is the current chances of him getting mobilised and how long would his training take before he reached that point?
I'm assuming this is a TA unit. Is it a field Hospital or a squadron of a medical regiment? Chances are that he may get deployed at some stage either on his own or as part of his unit. However he will need to be at least a CMT 3 before he goes anywhere. The likelihood is he won't go until he has a CMT 2 qual or higher. They aslo prefer BATLS/BARTS quals as well, but as a CMT you can't do that course until you are a CMT1
The time for lenght of training is a different issue - it depends on how good his unit is, how switched on he is and how regularly he attends. It also depends on when he can get on his TAFs course. recruits course and then down to Keogh for his CMT3. All in all it could be anywhere from a year to 2 years to get qualified. But it shouldn't take 2 years - thats an extreme. Hope that helps.
We've had some recruits go through the training quite quickly as they can attend regularly and we have some good instructors and a thorough programme of training. But as you may have seen on other forum topics, some units aren't up to scratch. I hope he does apply and wish him good luck.
I'll second that, made my Class2 within 2 years, I remember completing my Class3
- OpTelic started during those 2 weeks and we were all expecting brown envelopes on the doorstep when we got home but this wasn't the case. You're not deployable until you have completed your Class2 at least, unless you go as another role.... pan bash, blanket stacker?

Good luck and hope he starts off in a Medical unit to get a good background.

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