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  1. Hello
    I hope someone can help me with a question I have.
    I am looking to join as a CMT and was wondering is there possibilities to take courses and advance up to nursing?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Did you get any qualifications at school ? GCSE's ?
  3. yes.
    German equivalents. But not enough for nursing as you need 5 C's incl. maths, English (which I have) and Science (which is a D unfortunatly).
    I doubt I will have a chance to gain entry as a Student nurse.
  4. Why not join as a CMT and do the qualifications needed part time in the evenings. Most units will have access to an education officer.
  5. Great so its possible then? :D
  6. Dont see why not.
    I studied for O levels in the evenings at an army education centre
    The army even paid for any costs involved
  7. Thats Great :D

    Thanks alot for the info been a great help :thumleft:
  9. well im in the same situation
    im joining as a combat medic on monday but i just have german school quals. too wich arent equivelent to the GCSE's
    but i heard about these NVQ's could i maybe get them and transfer to the QARANCS without any british school quals?
  10. Good luck with that idea...
  11. What school did you go to Haupt or Realschule?
    As apparently Haupt is GCSE equivalent and real is equivalent A levels.
  12. i went to hauptschule thats why im joining the british army and not the bundeswehr lol
    i thought haupt wasnt the equivelent of anything real of GCSE's and gymnasium to a-levels
  13. According to a company (advised by a Collage) that translates educational certificates translated my Hauptschule zeugnis as GCSE equivalents.
  14. oh good i have no problems being a nurse later then have u been brought up in germany or do you still live there?
    or how do you know about the german school system?
  15. Well If I was you I would still check yourself just incase though, like I said thats what I was told and have got it in writting. If you go to your local collage and just confirm they are GCSE equivalents.
    I used to live in Germany mate as me dad is ex army and used to be stationed over there. Long story but mums german, parent seperated and lived with me mum till I was 20 and came back to the uk. :p
    How bout you?