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  1. hi have been reading up about cmt got a lot of info but was just wondering if anyone knew the waiting list for this job. thanks
  2. From what i know there is no jobs at least until the new recruiting year starts in April next year, i certainly havent seen any listed on TRHJ (our recruiting system) :)
  3. I was told the waiting list would be about 8 months. (although i was given this info about 3 months ago now, so it could well be full now)
  4. When i went in the door for my app form i was told 18 months, that's from a West Sussex AFCO.
  5. ok thanks very much for help i know should have gone to afco but have been working during day which are the main jobs that are open anyone know sorry to ask another question.
  6. Infantry seems to be the quickest if your Med History is fine but then again it shouldn't be about what's the fastest but what you would like to do.
  7. its worth seeing whats going though just in case you like the look of something
  8. Just liking the look of something isn't everything though. You need to decide what kt d of career path you want to take, not just pick from the quickest available. If you really wana do CMT then surely it's worth the wait no matter how long it is.

    I was initially gona go for CMT but I was having second thoughts, then I found out it was a long waiting list too so that helped me make the decision to change my job choices.
  9. what did you choose in the end
  10. My choices are:

    1. Communications Systems Engineer - Royal Signals
    2. Ammunition Tech - Royal Logistic Corps
    3. RMP

    Saying that, I'm considering swapping my first and second choices round.