CMT? what are my options

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ifrits_ghost, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, as you may or may not know i am currently a tech in the signals (ptarmigan incase you care) but i am some what disilussioned with my trade and would like to retrade and train as a CMT now for the questions

    is it possible to be a CMT in my sigs unit and would it be a good idea?
    if i would need to transfer is it possible and what units have CMTs i know that the RLC have them and the RAMC but who else? i would like to be attached to the inf is that possible.
    do i need any previous qualifications to be a CMT?
    or is there a medic course for non cmt trades and i dont mean the BCD instructor course.

    i am mainly looking to retrade as at the moment i could not imagine being a tech of six months plus if modilised in role and if not in role i would like the skills that being a CMT would give me.

    edited to say sorry for the shite subject title i could not think of anything

  2. We went to Germany with a drop short unit they had scab mech's with them pretty sure that any Sqn ect will have CMT as part of unit strength ect normally between 2-3 in units ect
  3. infantry units also have them, as said above normally 2-3, & i believe the class 3 CMT course can be done by anyone. I know a couple of our lads went on it last year. I dont think there are any pre-requisits.
    I reckon you may have to shop around for vacancies though.
    hope that helped a little!
  4. Not being funny, but why don't you contact the nearest Medic unit and ask them? :D
  5. Where in the country are you?

    We have a slot for a CMT at our unit (RLC though).
  6. Combat Medical Technicians are RAMC, if you are in any other Corps or Regt then youll be a RMA, if you are at a unit and would like to stay there as a medic then youd have to go down the RMA route, because if you transfer to the RAMC to be a CMT then youll go into the same lucky dip bag as the rest of the CMTs for postings.
  7. Try posting this thread in the medics forum!
  8. we dont want it! :wink:

  9. lololol... Ever helpful! :lol:
  10. In the yeomanry, you can train as a CMT (basically to be the squadron medic), it's a trade course e.g. 2 weeks. Anyone can do it, basically involves extra bandaging training and anatomy.

    I hear it is a good course. Once you get your CMT3 make friends with your local ambulance service, you may be able to get permission to go out on the road with an ambulance to observe.
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    You might want to sort out a 1000 other requirments before doing this, insurance, etc.

    Oh and you would be a RMA, not a CMT. If the Yeomanry call their medics CMT's then they are wrong.
  12. Darn, youre right on the RMA thing – just checked the career structure. However, (he says, wheedling his way out of it) the title of the course you do is CMT3. The observation is possible, if you have a unit that supports you and a friendly neighbourhood paramedic. People in our unit have done it. Equally I know the HAC do stints in hospitals, but to be fair, they probably own the hospital! :wink:
  13. transfer to the RAMC give CMT a go, then think about one of the more hands on clinical trades. If its the medical side of things that you like then Im not sure if CMT/RMA is the way to go, a more up to date CMT in the Medic forum may be able to set you right on that.
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    There is a thing called 'Clinical Governance' which has been brought in to control the maverick medic. The days of the medic sorting blisters, giving out drugs etc, without a nurse or MO supervising are long gone. I am not sure of the protocols but there must be a system in place to do this.

    If a treatment goes wrong then someone,usually the medic is accountable.
  15. By all means check out the RAMC but CMT's will become HLA's (Bottom Wipers) in the near future, best read posts on the the medics bit for more details.
    To be useful on tour you need to be a Class 2 medic at the very least,that'll take over a year to get that far.
    I'm a CMT amongst Siggies so if you want more info PM me.