Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by CivPlod, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. Hello

    tried reading through the previous threads for this info, but some of it appears conflicting.

    1) Are CMT(v) being recruited from non medical backgrounds?
    2) Are they(those not subject to CG) being deployed front line?(not that I'm that bothered I'd still happily paint boxes and count bandages or drive an ambulance!)

    had a look here

    Combat Medical Technician - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    and I'd be confident in doing the majority of that class 2/3 just now.

    No guesses what my current full time job is, however I am an ex-R.M.N (11 years ago, now not registered) and have a level 2 first aid from the RNR. I am looking to move across to TA(was going to go to RMP, but something came up, plus I'm hated enough in the day job!!!).

    cheers easy.
  2. CMTs are being recruited without medical experience but obviously it would be preferable. If you want to deploy as a CMT I'd recommend joining a RAMC unit rather than being a CMT within a unit of another Corps as their requirement for ops will be soldiers from the unit capbadge.
  3. I was told at a briefing quite recently that 2 Med Brigade Units are only recruiting to CMT(V) slots people who already have relevant and current civilian qualifications i.e. EMT/paramedic. Although for some odd reason, some units seem to be recruiting civilian qualified HCAs (mainly with an ED background) to CMT slots. Existing CMT(V) 1s, and to a lesser extent Class 2s, can still deploy in role but need to be supervised in location by an MO, RN or regular CMT1 and work to a scope of practice. G4 slots are also available. Non-medical units can still recruit CMTs without healthcare qualifications if they are prepared to carry the healthcare governance risk.

  4. Can you PM that to me please if you don't mind in a bit plainer Language, I'm lost with g4 and some of the rest of it.

    edited to say Neuroleptic check PM.