Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by IWantNeverGets, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. I recently attended and was accepted to join (obviously if I pass ADSC etc) a medical unit as a CMT (V). I am not involved in the medical world so my TA role would be a complete contrast to my normal job. However, after reading comments on here, I specifically asked what my role would be. I was told that I would be a CMT (V) and that I would attend the CMT (V) Class 3, 2 and 1 courses. My ambition was to get trained and be allowed to use those skills in Afghan (or if it took a long time to train, whatever Op we'd be on next). However, based on comments on here (which do seem fairly old) that is not the case!!

    Now i've read on here about CMT (V) becoming CMA's ...this rumour was quashed during my recruitment meeting and I was told that this conversation has been going on for years with no decision made. I've also read on here from 2006, a discussion about HMA's!

    What i'm trying to find out is:

    What training would I receive for CMT (V) Class 3
    What training would I receive for CMT (V) Class 2
    What training would I receive for CMT (V) Class 1

    What would my role be on Ops if I were to deploy as:
    Class 3?
    Class 2?
    Class 1?

    What IS a CMA in comparison to a CMT (V) and is this rumour true or a load of bollocks?

    Does anyone really know what the future is for CMT (V)?
    Is it worthwhile me joining the unit, training to do something I really want to do, only to find out that I can't do anything other than put tents up and count bandages!?

    I don't want to sound negative about the role...this is something I really want to do but just want to know the truth!!
  2. You do realise that your post is somewhat demanding, I understand that fear of the unknown promotes many questions. But if you bothered your arrse to research it properly and visit your local TA Medical Unit then I am quite certain your questions would be answered. No one in a clear mind is going to post the entire training package for CMT (V) on here for your pleasure....

    As for your role in theatre, yours would be no different to any other CMT:

    1. Save life.
    2. Don't make the condition of the casualty any worse.
    3. Don't become a casualty.
    4. Treat in accordance to your level of expertise.
    5. etc etc

    Be readily prepared to put up tents, count bandages, track bash, suture, paint boxes, enjoy PT, study medicine, use weapon systems, march around, be marched around, extricate casualties from vehicles, administer medication, stag on, see the world, polish your boots, jump out of planes......etc....etc....etc

    ...........the list is endless!!!!

    It's not about if it is worthwhile to you.......its about what you will bring to the party. If it is something you really want to do....then just do it!!! However, from the tone of your post (which does not appear negative, just demanding) you give an impression of someone who will be more bother than worth.

    "Sits down...puts on ear defence, begins to hum and watch clouds"
  3. I joined the TA in 2006 as a CMT. I'm now currently with an infantry unit as a CMT 1 (v). I really enjoying the CMT stuff and all the training which I have done over the years. As from now it's opened my eyes up to the medical world and I'm hoping to go back to university to do my paramedic training very soon. Just do it and see what you think of it.

  4. Mr D did you leave the Artillery.
  5. Mountain_Boy

    I do realise that my post may have come across as slightly demanding, that was not my intention!

    I have bothered my arrse to research as much as possible...i've spoken to 3 medical units and been to one medical unit, i've been on the internet, i've requested the brochure, i've spoken to a mate of mine who was an ex-RAMC RSM (but said he knew nothing of how the TA side of things worked) and finally i've been on here and read thread after thread and finally asked a question. If i've missed something out let me know and i'll do that!

    One medical unit (Field Hospital) said that I couldn't be a CMT (v) as i'm not from the civilian medical world. He told me I should focus on other skills from my civilian life. I advised him that I was aware (from ARRSE) of units where I could be trained as a CMT (v) but he told me that I would be of little benefit to the army and my time would be wasted training to do something I wouldn't be allowed to practice. He told me that if I were to deploy, the nearest I would get to a 'patient' would be "driving an ambulance 150 yards from the back of a helicopter to the field hospital" or that I would "be put in stores away from anyone needing medical help"! I then spoke to another unit who told me I could train as a CMT (v). I told him I had looked on ARRSE and wondered what the CMA role was. He told me he had never heard of CMA and to ignore ARRSE. This unit was too far away but then I found the 3rd, that I visited. They had heard of the CMA rumour but quashed it saying that that rumour had been going on for years but no decision had been made. She told me that I could deploy but only once I was CMT1 (v) and would not be going near a patient without a regular CMT1 to supervise.

    Now maybe I should have left it there but it wouldn't be unheard of to be told one thing to get you through the door and then the reality turns out to be something different!

    I wasn't expecting anyone to post the list of what is covered for each level of CMT training, although, having read my post back, that is exactly what it looks like I was asking for!! Oops! I was just trying to check that the CMT (v) training reflects that which the regulars receive...I just asked that in a really poor manner!!!!

    From what you say my role in theatre is...that's the sort of stuff I was expecting and hoping to do!

    Lastly, and I know you won't agree but I do think to some extent it is what is worthwhile to me. Mainly because I need to enjoy what i'm doing, you wouldn't take a full time job that you didn't want to do, so why do it with a part time job?!


    Thanks for your post, that is, in a paragraph, what I was looking for!