CMT(V), Whats it all about?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Mugs, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone

    I know this subject has probably been covered before but I was wondering if anyone could answer some questions for me with regarding joining the RAMC (V).

    I've been hoping around for while now and debating with myself as to which Corps to go into. I do have ambitions to become a Paramedic in a few years and I've been looking at the RAMC for the possiblity of some experience.

    Now before anyone takes my head off I know that CMT Qual's don't directly transfer across to Civi Street but I was wondering

    1) Would any Qual's or experience gained as a CMT stand me in good stead if I was to apply to join the Ambulance Service in a few years?

    2) Do CMT's in a Field Hospital operate in theatre or do they operate exclusively within the Field Hospital

    3) Are there many opportunities to serve overseas (Bear in mind that this is TA I'm on about)

    Thanks in advance
  2. I am a trainee paramedic and was told I cannot join the RAMC field hospital as a CMT until I am qualified so if this is true of all field hospitals I suggest you join a different corps and do your CMT with them.

    If you want to be a paramedic you are going to have to go to uni and get a degree in paramedic sciences as after 2012 all new entrants will have to be degree holders and registered with the HPC. If you applied now to an ambulance serivce which still does inhouse paramedic training being a CMT will make no difference to you getting an interview but could give you something to talk about in the interview.
  3. This is all true, however, Coventry Uni are running a 'Technician to Paramedic' course, the entrance criteria of which is possession of either Emergency Medical Technician or Combat Medical Technician qualification. See their web site for more info.
  4. Can CMT (V) apply for the paramedic course at coventry uni or is it just regular CMT?
  5. Not in Northern Ireland, they've just introduced a new 2 year training programme. They've done away with the EMT grade within the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service all together.
  6. EMT technically does not exist in England either although it does because you cant just get rid of all the current EMT's, you wouldn't have a workforce. If I fail at any point I have to settle for A and E support even though I would have been working at EMT level for over a year. I will probably leave the service if that happens to me.
  7. Sorry, what I meant was that they were phasing out EMT grades. Nobody can join the service as an EMT anymore. Obviously existing EMT's will remain or be retrained to Paramedic level.
  8. My bold:
    Not entirely true; West Midlands are still training EMTs. They realised that there was a gap in the skill mix when they recruited thousands of drivers (sorry, emergency care assistants) and have now started running ECA to EMT courses via the IHCD.

    Also, even though paramedic education is now becoming more and more uni based, there are some EMTs that I would work with in preference to an awful lot of paramedics.

    In response to the original question re. Coventry Uni, they will accept CMTs onto the course with a letter from the OC. What is not specified is whether one needs to be regular. :wink: (with regard to soldiering, not bowel movements).

    The only sure way to find out is to contact them.