CMT (V) Review - Have we been binned yet?

I know CMT(V)s are being reviewed and I know the results are due out sometime now.

Do we have any indication as to whether we've been binned yet or not?

I'm just wondering if I have to start thinking about retrading.

Heh. The typo was 'retarding'.
Not likely, they would have no-one to stag on and maintain the canvas.
I now work in a hospital (not medical I hasten to add) and the Porters are now called:

'Professional Logistics Technicians'................. I s.hit ye not gentlemen and welcome to my world!
CMT (V), isnt the name going to change to Medical Assistant (a step back about 20 years) in order to distinquish on ops between Regular CMTs who do the job day in day out and the TA CMT who would normally have a go at it a couple of weeks a year (not a pop at TA CMTs).
Just got back from a RAMC fam visit, and they didn't mention anything about changing names or whatever for the TA, and the talk was pretty in depth

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