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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Turk, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. I have a friend (not me) who wishes to join the TA as a CMT after years of me gibbering away about the TA. He is already a qualified Paramedic (and then some) with years of experience working in frontline and training roles with a major ambulance trust.

    He's looking for somewhere to join up in/around London, does anyone have any contact details I could forward onto him?

    Given that he has qualifications coming out of his ears, would he have to do all the qualifying time (i.e. a year between class 3/2/1) to get to CMT class 1, or would he be able to skip some and just do the neccessary courses to get the full qualifications? He wants to get out on tour asap you see.

    Many thanks

  2. Try 256 Field Hospital

    Every Tuesday 7pm-9pm.

    Where to find us:
    TA Centre
    71 Braganza Street
    SE17 3RF

    Tel: 020 8688 2138
  3. Cracking, cheers
  4. I'd suggest he looks at the RAF Reserve first. I understand they have specific LSN's for paramedics, and as a result he may find it more interesting, rewarding and relevant. He may also have more opportunites to deploy (if thats what he wants) and better promotion prospects.
  5. W Sqn Royal Yeomanry has recently set up a Regimental Aid Post and are on the look out for paramedics.

    Not sure on the qualification issues but joining somewhere other than a field hospital may give them a wider range of military training if he doesnt just want to do the medic stuff on a drill night.