CMT (V) Debate

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ViciousCircle, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. Dear Arrse Members,

    Today I witnessed a heated debate on the future of the CMT (V) in the Fd Hosp environment, now if it is at all possible could members please give their views on the following points (please avoid the usual uneccessary slagging off that is afforded to CMT's) to some exceptionally capable soldiers this is a carreer stopping debate ?

    The new orbat for a TA Fd Hosp has no slots for CMT's

    The TA GS Med Regt's have slots but due distance many cannot be posted to these.

    Is it possible to re-trade some of the CMT's to HCA ?

    Will the CMT's be thrown out if they cant re-trade or transfer ?

    Please give views or advice on the above as it would be a sad loss of a numer of TA soldiers who have served alongside many of us on numerous Ops.
  2. What I was told was that those who are already CMT's will be alowed to remain RAMC, but could expect to do F*ck all clinical work if they stay at a Fd Hosp.

    Hadn't heard about the G/S option but the distance issue makes a lot of sense. I only know of 2; Belfast and one up Newcaslte way.

    With the new Fd Hops setup its only CMTs with clinical civie jobs that can stay as CMTs, and they are more likely to go on BLM then get stuck on the wards etc.

    But thats all I Know.

    T C

    edit to add- We are also given the opertunity to go the HCA path, but as no one was interested I don't know anything about it.
  3. As a PSI at a TA Fd Hosp I will give you my views on your points based on documents I have seen and discussions we have had in our unit regarding the new FET and the CMT(V).

    1. There are no slots for CMTs but if you look at the proposed FET these have been replaced by HMAs (Hospital Medical Assistant) which we believe will be the reincarnation of the hospital based CMT(V). By the looks of things, it will be a re-trade on paper only as the jobs they will be doing within the Fd Hosp will not change a great deal (QMs, HMC etc). In fact there looks as though there is more on offer to the HMA as they may have the opportunity to be RSM which is currently unavailable to the CMT(V). I also believe they will still be cap badged RAMC.

    2. As for the distance to the 2 TA GS Med Regts, well there is very little that can be done about that. There are also the TA Sqns of the Regular GS Med Regts dotted around. If CMTs will not re-trade and the GS Med Regt is not an option then they could always start putting the feelers out to their local Teeth Arm units as they are often short on Medics.

    3. It would be unlikely that a CMT(V) would be able to transfer to HCA unless they already hold the required civi quals, and off the top of my head I can't list them. As it stands at the moment the TA will only be recruiting qualified HCAs though this could change in the future of course.

    4. As for the binning of of any CMTs....I would be very surprised if it happened. There will be no reason for a CMT(V) to be unable to transfer to HMA, because, as I said above, the re-trade will probably be little more than a paper exercise.

    I think that the shake up of the CMT(V) trade is long overdue. The majority of Fd Hospital based CMTs have very limited medical experience and are far more suited to the admin side of running a Fd Hosp on operations. That is not me having a dig, it is a fact backed up by serving with TA Fd Hosp CMT reinforcments on Op Telic. When I compare the CMTs in my unit, and there are some excellent and committed TA soldiers, to those in my local GS Med Regt I see that they are totally different. Not Better, not worse, just different.
  4. Many thanx for the responses so far,

    Dull Cherry, have you actually seen any documents regarding the HMAs', I have heard a lot of talk regarding the new trade but not seen any form of confirmation that the new CEG is to be introduced and I definately havent seen any form of TO's or EO's for them ?

    Also can you confirm how many there are on the new FET for a Fd Hosp ?

    Thanx again

  5. This situation is long over due for a shake up and DCR's comments above make a lot of sense. I served with a TA Field Hosp on Telic 1 and wards were over-flowing with RGNs, far too many of them were commissioned. I think the wards would have run much more smoothly had there been a different skill mix. The CMT (V)s on the whole seemed pretty unhappy with their lot and who could blame them. They got to do shag all clinical work and instead stagged on for hours in sun. Field hospitals have always been strange beasts, there were only 26 Privates but 27 Lt. Cols and above in the unit but the CMT(V)s got shafted. Many of the CMT(V)s I knew were senior and junior NCOs who transferred across from disbanding TA infantry units some years previously. They lost rank in order to do this and then climbed back up again having re-trained as CMT(V)s. How was their loyalty repaid? Being made to stag on for 16 out of 24 hours, that included Staff Sergents doing gate guard duties.
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  7. Thanx for that Karabiner, so just to clarrify there will be HMA/CMA's in Fd Hosps' and CMT(V)s' in all the other current CMT(V) posts ! meaning that this is a completely new CEG that the current CMT(V) at the field Hosp will be able to (change trade to) ?
  8. Ressurecting an old debate I'm sure but the trickle of information has just finished being buried in peat moss for eighteen months and now having been recycled as fire lighters has painfully slowly reached my detatchment!

    So can anyone tell me what the fcuk I'm training for?.... just completed my CMT (CMA?) 2 at QEB Strensall. I work in a pathology lab and have been a decade as a psychiatric when do I get my official 'mop and bucket' training as I appear to be now a 'Combat Cleaner' :evil:
  9. Charlotte-the-harlot Wrote:

    Well this is not the case, there are two fundamental issues that CMT (V)s must first of all understand and admit and these are:

    1. The skill set of a CMT is not required in a Fd Hosp.

    2. Unless a CMT (V) is a paramedic or ambulance tech (or the like) in civillian street he or she will not and cannot remain clinically current in their trade.

    The term Combat Cleaner is just ridiculous, the proposed carreer path for the CMT(V) soon to be called a CMA (V) is a much more robust, achievable and realistic one for all current CMT (V)s.


    Dont believe the hype, dont listen to gossip, there are many individuals out there pretending to know what they are talking about with regards to the CMT (V) and they dont actually know or care. This callsign is now involved in the process although only in an advisory capacity and I can assure you that a lot of work is currently being undertaken at a lot of levels to ensure that the CMA (V) at the Fd Hosp, GSMR and teeth arms is correctly trained for role.
  10. There is also 225 GSMR (V) in Dundee to go with the Irish & Southern GSMR's.
  11. thanks for a prompt answer, so where the hell WILL I be dumped when I get to actually do the job I thought I was training for? I was with a Fd Amb but we are now a GSM a CMA what will I be doing and where will I fit in to the grand order of things..... and why teach us OPA's etc when we will not have the clinical skills necessary to do the job!

    Looks like CMA status is just going to be the death knell for CMT (v) We were lied to big time on recruitment! Just feel like I've wasted my time and holidays training for something that is redundant!

    One arsse! Terriers are good enough to bulk up the numbers but will never be accepted as army personnel!

    Take a good look at your recruitment and tell people the facts.... am I fcuked off....? damm straight!
  12. What about opportunities for Role 3 CMAs to be posted on Ops as Role 1-2s? In this day and age of IRs it would definately seem to limit demployment opportunities. And considering there are probably going to be more GS CMAs than Role 3 CMAs why not teach the CMA Cse and then add on the Role 3 stuff. That way you have the best of both worlds and those willing to go on ops as Role 1-2 would have the ability. It seems to make more sense to me.

    What does it mean for units that provide a lot of med cover? After a while when all the old and bold CMT1s leave and the docs and nurses are not interested who will have a crack? It seems to me that totally seperating Role 1-2 and 3 will be very limiting. Role 1-2 +3 makes for a more interesting and varied TA career and probably a lot more retention. I'm not interested in being just Role 3.
  13. Chill. Its just tough - you're going to be a CMA and one day I will too. I have no problem with that, its facing reality. Anything else is just pissing in the wind.

    But as I have said I do have a problem with splitting role 1-2 from 3 rather than training for role 1-2 and then doing a role 3 as an in-house cadre or small cse up at Towthorpe. We're talking what, 2-4 days to teach the extra.
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Recruiters- lie to people? They have for 200 years, we wouldn't join the Army otherwise.

    I never did meet that bus load of nurses from BMH Rinteln.....
  15. I never recruited anyone ! but if it makes anyone feel any better then I am sorry :oops:

    Back to current issues, the one army concept is a reality that has to be taken in context and that is to say that the TA CMT (non-civillian qualified) will never be able to maintain clinical governance based currency in trade. I am sorry but this is a fact. CMT (V)'s that are role three based have been lied to in the past as the role filled by a CMT within a Fd Hosp has never needed to be a CMT, if that makes sense. I have no doubt that in most role three TA Fd Hosp's the CMT's are the G2, G4 and most definately G7 (MATT) specialists but they almost never carry out any clinical duties.

    There still remains a requirement for a CMA (V) within the role three facility but his or her training needs to be tailored to fit the role that they fill in the Hosp environment. This is currently under review and a lot of painstaking work is being done by every Fd Hosp and many other departments to ensure that the CMA (V) get the best possible career management and training that can be given.

    The current thought is that a CMA (V) Class 3 & 2 will be the same for role 1,2 & 3 based CMA (V)'s however the Class 1 could be modular with a more advanced first aid module for those at role 1 and 2. This module could be covered seperately at a later stage by those at role 3 to allow a greater level of opportunities for all concerned.

    Believe it or not as I have already stated a lot of work is being carried out to ensure that the CMT (V) soon to be CMA (V) gets the correct training for the role they are in and I can assure you that the people concerned in this job are avid readers of this site so please encourage other CMT (V)'s to post and lets try to make our points constructive.

    Sorry to everyone for hugging the spot but this is an area that I am passionate about :D