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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by chokinthechicken, May 26, 2009.

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  1. What's the reason for Uni course for Paramedicine???. Looks like they are going down the same route as nursing did 15 years ago, and look at the state of nursing now!!!!!!!. It will all end in tears a tell ya.

  2. You can qualify as a paramedic in the army, after passing black serpent.
  3. cool! . . . . whats black serpent?
  4. Sorry to be a pedant, its in Mychett, Surrey.
  5. Im sure I read on the either ucas or one of the uni websites if you're already in the ambulance service and/or have medical experience you only have to do one year at uni. Ive looked at the course and its two years for foundation but you need 3000 hours to get your pin number, if you dont get the hours then you have to do the third year to get them, but if you do you can do the third year to get the full degree. Im really torn between the ambulance serivce and the army, and its looks like i have a similar wait to do either!
  6. Why not go to uni to do the paramedic degree and join the TA as a CMT as well? Then in three years time you have qualifications to offer both the regular army and the ambulance service!!

    (And between you and me, even if Afghan is closed, I'm sure that the gubmint will find somewhere else to go :D )

    Btw, have a look at the 'CMT(V) What's it all about' thread in the Professionally Qualified forum. I'd do a linky thing but I'm a computer biff.
  7. Nursing is in the state it is in thanks to the 'traditionally trained' wasters who bend over and let failed baked bean stackers bugger the profession yet again ...

    Nursing is in the state it is in thanks to Bliar spin ...

    Nursing is in the state it is in becasue of the people who have left, committed suicide or are on long term sick becasue of the above muppetry ...

    higer education preparation for practice is essential to good healthcare ...
  8. Split from a recruitment topic and moved here for you to discuss.

    Ventress and flash, if its a load of rubbish, then apologies feel free to remove.

  9. How many places do the army actually have for CMT's to go and do the paramedic training? From what i have seen anyone wanting to go for it has to jump through a whole lot of hoops and even then the courses have been screwed around.
  10. 'oh no you can't...'
  11. I may know him...
  12. Okay, here goes

    Oh yes you can!
  13. I'm sure your doing your best Karabiner. You can teach all you like in a classroom, but hands-on experience can't be beaten. IMHO

  14. Now that is scary.
  15. Mrs Trotsky is in the LAS and came up to paramedic the hard way in the days when they wore court shoes to rail crashes.

    She doesn't rate Uni training as she feels its to academic and not enough time spent on the road.

    The last Mrs Trotsky was a mature student at City uni reading Nursing. she spent much of her life in sociology lectures (i even helped her write an essay on stop and search by taking her to soho and pointing out who i would stop and why) she felt she was not being adequaltley prepared for practice.

    The point I am making is that too much of an academic approach is not always the best way of doing things... sometimes training is more appropriate than teaching.