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Hi everyone. just a quick question and apologies if this is the wrong place to ask. i passed selection back in september and got my first job choice to join as a CMT. soon after i went along to bassingbourne to the latest military festival that they had to see if i could find anymore info on my job. i spoke to several of the medics there, and one of them spoke about a book that you are advised to buy at the start of the medical training. he said what the book was, however i promtly forgot what it was called. i was just wondering if anyone could tell me what this book is called. many thanks
I was told by a CMT that they use the "Ross and Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness, 10th edition", I've had a look online and its about £23.

Hope that helps when you starting basic? I start 24th Feb
yea that brilliant thanks :) i havent got my date yet!! im so annoyed about it, they say it will be april time but i have read on here about people joining as CMT's joining much sooner so i hope it will be then. feb would be a much nicer time to join, soon after my birthday as well. are you going to winchester?
I'm goin to Pirbright as thats where females go but I'm surprised you havent got a date yet as i did Glencorse on the 26th july.
I guess you have to wait till April for the new tax year, you must be pi$$ed off?
mate in all ohnesty if you want to go bassingbourn, as your recruiter to change cap badge to get on an early course, and then while in phase 1 change cap badge like me. change to rlc driver or r.a. as there alot of courses for them cap badges once there change to RAMC.

im in phase 1 at the moment at bassinbourn ive transfered over to RAMC to become a CMT, i joined as RLC driver though.
yea i am very annoyed about it, so if i dont hear anything a week after new year then it will be nothing but phone calls being made :D na i dont want to go to bassingbourne im to old haha i went there for the open day as i only live about 20 minutes drive away and thought it would be handy to speak to somebody in person about my job choice.
You can change cap badge at any ATR but in all honesty I'd wait till you get your date as changing cap badge doesn't do well for you in training as it pi$$es the instructors/Platoon commander off!!

I do know there are no places left for this tax year.....when did you pass selection? you got deferred in july didnt you?
yea i was going to wait anyways. they already said about going for another of my job choices so i could get in sooner but i said that i would rather wait for the job i actually want to do. i did get deferred in july for a broken shoulder but then went back in early september and passed no problem. didnt need the full medical again i only had to do 5 press ups.
bassingbourn does adult entry , and as of next year it will no longer be doing junior entry :)

change cap badge during phase 1 ifit means getting onto to an earlier course . play the game.
training, is going good thankyou , yes bassingbourn is adult entry. there is going be 1 more infantry junior intake and that will be the last intake for juniors!

slightly off topic, at keogh are we able to ware unissued boots?
think i may invest in a copy my self before i go to my phase 2 , to get a bit of a head start.

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