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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by james3469, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    I have just joined 243 as a CMT. can anybody give me any ideas on the training structures, and what sort of courses i can expect to be put on,


  2. Three trade courses as a CMT and then whatever health associated course you fancy getting your hands on, ie EHT adviser, BCDT instructor etc, and then any quals your unit feels would be useful to them. If you got the time, do the courses, it all helps to that first tape.
  3. wonder how he got an O2 thief tag?
  4. I wondered the same myself, his posts seem pretty inoffensive.

    Unless of course all the bad ones were deleted!
  5. And forgive me for being niaive, but as a relative new-boy here, what is the O2 Thief tag on ARRSE all about anyway? With all due respect, could somebody please enlighten me? (And yes, I am familiar with the term - just not how the medal bar thing is being used/interpreted/allocated on ARRSE.)

  6. hey

    why have i been given the thief tag, whats thats all about??

  7. msr

    msr LE

    Posting stupid questions and wasting people's time.

  8. Tschh,

    an you all convinced me the other day that all question were relevant.

    live and learn, I didn't even know what a CMT was, but have also learnt something from this posters question
  9. well thanks

    nice forums, i was not posting stupid questions,depends on what if you call asking for information and questions stupid.
    you dont have to look or react to a post if you dont want, the only time you make a question or post an issue is when you make it an issue, nice on msr

    i wont be returning, and will certainly be telling people about the terrible admin
  10. CMTs put tents up, paint boxes, work in the stores, drive ambulances (yes so do the RLC), moan a lot about techies and nurses and basically basic stuff.
  11. maybe this thread on CMT should actually be in the AMS forum, there are loads of CMTs hanging around in there who will be able to give you the answer that you are after.

    CMT, butt of jokes but Core and workhorse of the RAMC.