CMT training/ medical kit questions?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cardinal, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. Have other units found it difficult to get CAT's and other kit to support training within their TA units?

    The medics in my squadron, myself (CMT1 Sgt, ex nurse, ex RN Medic) two pte's CMT3 (one a student midwife) are looking to train with another TA unit which has a larger medical set up (inc an RMO). We are based in Hampshire and can travel. We are looking at at least two weekends a year, hopefully more.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance, Cardinal
  2. Put it simple mate, buy your own med kit. I ordered a CMT1 pack about a year ago and i've still not received it. I've had to purchase, borrow and steal my med kit.
  3. What do you think I have been doing? but at £20 a time for CAT's its getting expensive.

    My unit ordered two empty bags for me, which arrived and some chest seals which also arrived but since then the list has reamined in the SQMS wall.

    I have been assured there is a system, it's broken.

    Any good experiences out there? Chefs who buy their own food, drivers who supply their own trucks etc must be a nightmare for snipers.

  4. £20 a time? That sounds about right. If you ever do need med supplies, I order from SPServices and Medical Warehouse. They may give us discount if me and you do a bulk order one day. My unit is in London so it's not far to drop it off to you as well.
  5. Sorry mate but thats bollocks, i ordered loads of CATS, new style field dressings and chest seals as a BCD instructor, and received it all a few weeks later.

    Have a look through the BCDT manual it gives a flow chart for ordering supplies for training, whereby it doesnt come out of the units budget (somehow)
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Raise the lack of SQMS activity with your CoC, there is no need to be buying the stuff out of your own pocket.

  7. Why not get your PSI/PSAO to speak to AMD and identify a TA or Reg Med unit within travelling distance of your unit? If they are pro active they should be able (and keen) to take responsibility over your training.
  8. get your unit BCDT Instructor to order them - needed for training etc etc
  9. Been there and i've not had any luck. All I get is the same old shite of "still waiting"
  10. If the QM Dept has not hastened the demand then it will automatically be cancelled after 90 days - speak to your RQMS directly and get him to check UNICOM.

    You do not have to buy your own kit.
  11. Legend mate, Will get onto this ASAP. Cheers guys
  12. Been in a fair amount of time and always begged/borrowed/stolen/bought my own kit. HOWEVER. Get the NSNs for the CAT, Pressure bandage and books. You should be able to at least order them through the system. Pretty much nothing else!

    Something always gets muttered 'we aren't scaled for med kit'.... as an infantry unit. Yet you are scaled for medics... go figure?
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Then cancel the training with a note to your OC explaining why.

  14. This is lifted straight from the BCDT website:

    Ordering your Kit and Equipment for BCD MATT3 TRG (01 Aug 08)

    BCDT's are experiencing difficulties in ordering the items on Table 3-1 in the BCDT Trainers Manual because some QM's Departments think that their is a cost to their Unit. It should be pointed out until the foreseeable future their is no cost to the Unit this equipment is centrally funded. Each Soldier has an entitlement of 2 new FFD's and 1 x CA Tourniquet. For Training the BCDT is authorised to draw equipment on table 3-1. If QM's have any queries regarding this matter they should direct them to the Team Leader BCDT Joe O'Brien 9380-65202 civ 02392765202 both have voicemail for messages to be left and he will answer your queries.

    NSN numbers you will require for BCD, MATT 3 equipment (03 Nov 07)

    NSN Number change for lungs Resusi Anne Doll 6910-99-125-4974 Please note as of today 19th Sept 07 the NSN for the lungs for the above Doll are as follows: 6910-99-133-5916 Airways Training Replacement Pack of 96. Also NSN for Gloves Medical Examination Disposable 6515-99-898-5806 box of 100

    General release new Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) and new elasicated FFD large (04 Sept 07)

    The new FFD NSN is 6510-99-332-2032 (FFD Large) and the new CA Tourniquet (CAT) NSN is 6515-01-521-7976 CAT are now on General Issue. The old First Field Dressing is now obsolete. You are advised that your QM's may order these new items for Training purposes as well as Operations however you are advised for training purposes use up your old FFD's first and complement your training with the new FFD's at a ratio of 4 FFD's to 8 pax and these new FFD's can be used several times over. The old Samways anchor is now also obsolete and should be destroyed.
  15. Thanks for the advice. I am, however, still where I started on this.

    I would ask the BCDT instructor how to obtain the kit, but it's me and I already know how it should be obtained.

    I also know that a medic should not have to buy kit to support the training of his own unit, my wife reminds me of it whenever I buy kit. I remain reluctant to cancel training, or refuse to carry out the training.

    I tried the Chain of Command, but where med kit is concerned the chain does not seem to be attatched to anything, least of all reality.

    I would ask further in the "Professionaly Qualified" AMS section but there appears to be an unusual and unhelpful attitude problem towards TA CMT's from some quarters. So its probably not the best place to ask there.

    Anyway I'll keep plugging away see what I can turn up.

    Thanks Cardinal