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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by CMTs_rock, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone tell me how easy (or hard) it is to transfer from CMT to RGN please.....silly comments may come first but i am being serious!!
    I only ask this because i dont think i can further my career as a CMT.
    Thanx all
  2. very easy, pass your nurse selection board which no-one has ever failed, sit through 3 years of tedium and there you go.
  3. Whitemouse 75 - that isn't true, people have failed nurse selection boards in the past!
  4. They certainly did when I was on the board. One particular individual sticks in my mind-

    Neuroleptic- "Are you interested in any particular specialty in nursing?"

    Candidate- "I'd like to work in Elderly Care mainly."

    Neuroleptic- "There isn't really much call for that in the Army."

    Candidate- "I know. I just thought I'd train in the Army and then leave as soon as I can to work in the NHS or private sector."

    Needless to say, this person did not get a place.
  5. quality answer!!
  6. She was only saying what most are thinking!
  7. I did :D

    Perhaps they saw through my cunning ruse to escape Minden. As chairman of the 4 AFA escape committee I had to give it a go. I think my total lack of enthusiasm and turning up in uniform meant it was a non starter! Still, got a free flight out of it - went straight on leave after 8)
  8. I have also been the clinical rep on a board and it was amazing just how many people did not know, when questioned, what a nurse did. They didn't know how long the training was or what qualities a nurse should posess. Needless to say, more failed than passed on this board.
  9. 'He' actually.
  10. book an interview with your troopie, they should book an interview with RCMO - do you have the necessary quals?

    two week placement in say MDHU Frimley Park - paperwork to Glasgow, and wait for the next selection board

    GO FOR IT, you havent anything to lose! gets you out of Munster for two weeks if nowt else
  11. I dont see the problem most at FPH want out of elderly care & heres one wanting in, he could have been the only happy person at an MDHU
  12. I guess it was probably the "I'll leave as soon as I can, and go and work for the NHS or the private sector" that caused them not to be enlisted! And not the delaration of wanting to work in elderly care, although I would question the sanity of anyone who admitted in public to wanting to work in that particular field!
  13. It's actually harder for a TFI to transfer into the QA's than it is for a civvy. Speaking to one of the lads from the recruiting bunch, he said it's approx a 2 year waiting list to start the nurse training once all the paperwork is done.

    However, exeptions are made. On my intake of 26, there were 11 TFI's.
  14. It would probably be far more profitable to get yourself a job in a tittie bar love, not to mention the better hours
  15. Primroseandblue wrote:

    For CMT's out there this is probably due to the lack of QA reps or badly trained RCMOs' out at the sharp end to assist them with the process :?

    As a CMT myself I would also have difficulty telling you exactly what a nurse does :wink: EVER