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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Luck_Now, May 19, 2010.

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  1. Been an observer here for some time now, but since my application is now underway I thought it a good time to get some advice from a source aside from the AFCO. I've done a fairly comprehensive search on here, but was hoping for some additional advice.

    I was hoping to garner some information about the day in/day out life of a CMT. Aside from when deployed, what roles and responsibilities would one likely be involved in? I understand there is probably a huge array of possibilities, but what is the "average" day likely to entail? For instance, where would one be posted when not deployed and what would they be doing there?

    Sarcasm/abuse encouraged. Sensible answers too.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I spent a period as an RMA working alongside CMTs in a Med Centre.

    From what I understood (maybe it's changed in 4/5 years) the average day in unit, for a CMT, was spent errecting/dismantling tents.
  3. Sounds...challenging.

    Anyone else with any first-hand experience?

  4. Me smells a rat....
  5. A genuine enquiry I assure you.
  6. Right well as I did 13 years as a CMT I may be qualified to answer, however I did get out 9 years ago so things may have changed...

    General duties may include, folding and lacing tents together, sorting scrim nets, servicing departmental kit, getting spammed to work on a QM's work party, painting boxes, and painting Landrovers because the trogs are too thick to do it.
    Possibly going on exercise to get f*cked about with completely unrealistic scenarios and screaming stabs or cadets coming through as casualties. However exercises do give you ample opportunity to give the dance of the whistling tent pole a go on any tosser who has pi**ed you off.
    Probably do 2 morning sessions of PT a week, sports afternoon on a Weds and Battle PT once a week followed by a POETS day on a friday if lucky and don't have a complete tool for an RSM.

    However this may sound mundane and generally it is but you meet some great mates and have a great laugh and in my day slap a few girlie Techs about at the CMH club on a Thursday night (sadly that is all gone) and then pull all the women because your a real Field Medic not a Lab rat tube sniffer, photographer, or glorified cleaner.
    (Been a while since I posted on here so will insult as many as I can!!)

    Ok you might be a bird then in that case you will have a good time getting lashed and even if your a munter someone will!!
  7. Stan,

    I'm glad my question managed to coax you out of ARRSE sabbatical!

    Thanks for the insightful and honest reply. I had suspicions that barrack life might be slightly tedious, but the good work done on deployments must make up for it.

  8. Stan has pretty much hit the nail on the head with his reply, I left the CMT Cadre 9 years ago and went "Lab Rat". Got posted back the same Fd Hosp I left 10 years previous and nothing much had changed except my rank. Same 5hit day in day out, move tents, erect tents, put tents away. Go on exercise put tents up, make it look pretty for some School Kid Doctors to come look at then take it all back down ready to be erected and washed when back in camp.

    Try to keep the use of big words like "sabbatical" to a minimum though it only confuses the "real" Medics ;)
  9. Considering that the role of a Cbt Med Tech is to deliver care at Role 1-4, it is unlikely that you will get to do this in Barracks....................................

    Those who moan about keeping equipment maintained clearly believe the equipment fairy will do this for them??

    The reality is that whatever Arm/Service you join, there are still the mundane, seemingly senseless tasks that fill the in-barracks time. As you rightly point out this is more than covered by the time on Operations (and remembering to enjoy military life wherever it takes you). Good luck and keep healthy.
  10. yeah, equipment fairy normally being the REME MDSS Techs.
  11. Past role 2E you wont see many CMTs delivering care, infact even at Role 2E you wont see many CMTs delivering care, they will be utilised as Health Care Assistants by the Nursing Staff or dogs bodies by the SQMS department. Those that do deliver care past role 2E are normally on placement on a hospital ward and again will be utilised as Health Care Assistants.

    Either that or they are one of the chosen ones selected for Paramedic training but they are used as first response not delivering care like those in the Grey Mafia.
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  12. Not entirely sure how current you are - althought a PSAO cannot be counted as current.........

    However, the Cbt Med Tech is very different to that which you describe and deserves better acknowledgement. First Responders are a UKism for a band of dedicated people who respond to incidents prior to the AT/SRP.

    The Cbt Med Tech delivers care (in all its guises) from Role 1-4 and for what its worth, every serviceman/woman does equipment care (this does not make them a dogsbody.............).
  13. Spend much tine in an AFA or Fd Hosp as a CMT top soldier?
  14. Only 28 years I'm afraid and considering that the originator wants to know about what the Cbt Med Tech does today, I think currency is pretty important?? We can all swing a lamp if asked...................
  15. Thanks for your current view TS so CMTs in camp in Field Hospitals don’t spend 99% of their time checking tents, folding blankets or sweeping the store any more. The guys in AFAs don’t spend 60% of their time servicing the panzers and the other 40 painting boxes how things have moved on in 8 years.