CMT/RMA Qual Badges

I got asked this the other day and despite looking couldn't find the answer. Is there a qualification badge for an RMA/RCMT? There seems to be one for nearly every other qual but couldn't find the definate answer.

RMA1 use to be that serpent round the stick thingy in laural leaves worn on left cuff in jumper order and 2s IIRC and above stripes if first aid instructor (non RAMC again IIRC).
If you go to your clothing store or Regimental tailor, they will be able to show you either the cloth badge or a picture of it mentioned previously. It depicts a serpent entwined about the Rod of Aescapuleus. However I would firstly confirm if this badge is still worn under current dress regulations as the RMA courses as they were, no longer exist.
just to let RAMC out there know that when you change No2 dress to the new type, they no longer have trade bands as they get in the way of the infantry style cuff, but no idea at this time as to what we are supposed to have in place of them if anything-absolute garbage as far as im concerned, next thing we find out will be they are changing the cabadge or the beret colour.
still no one has a defo answer as to what badge is worn to reflect the fact that a CMT (RAMC) is either a class 1 or class 2 combat medic, im not talking about RCMT as they have the serpent rod thing badge thing im referring to our maroon trade bands, which due to the new no2 dress, are no longer worn on the new jacket due to the style of cuff.
does anyone have any idea as to what we wear in its place. im sorry if i sound out of order but it would be like telling paras they cant wear wings due to different sleeves or cmdo trained guys sorry no dagger cos sleeve is different.
You are a bit of a tit really aren't you? If you are that worried about it then give the Corps RSM a ring and ask him to sort out RAMC dress regs.
Thanks for the intelligent not to mention constructive comments. next time you might as well keep your head up your arse and not bother thanks.
I cant believe it you show a bit of corps pride and all some people do is slate you for it.
No you were slated for trying to compare CMT 2/1 courses to Para and Marine courses. Totally different kettle of fish ffs.
We have far greater things to worry about, personally I'm trying to get hold of some CMTs in post, but that won't happen yet as we are not about to deploy in the next couple of months. (but we are not undermanned according to MCM div) Maybe if I ever saw a new set of 2's (come to think of it if the clothing store hadn't lost my old set 3 or 4 years ago) I'd worry about the distinction between class 2 and 1 CMTs.
Seriously though if this is the major worry in your life then get in touch with the Corps RSM, he isn't likely to bite anyone for making a serious enquiry about correct uniform.
Have you asked your own CoC about it? Have you been issued with the new jackets yet? Last I heard they'd put them on hold to allegedly save money.

and try asking in army medic web site
no no i appologise it was the principle not the direct comparison, extreme i appreciate but passionate about it.
new 2's are like the current officer jobs, with nice RAF style black shoes.
Why are you after some CMT's in post if you dont mind me asking?.
Sorry again for going off on one, just a cack week.
I'm after some CMTs to fill the empty posts in the unit.

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