Cmt returning fire?

Hi all, im applying for Cmt and want to get my facts straight before my interview.
I read an Interview of a medic that said "When the rounds come in, it doesnt matter what cap badge you are, if you werent doing something, if youre not on the radio or running ammo you would be up on the roof helping out returning fire"
So do Ramc Cmt's open fire alot in between contact and recieving a casualty or would that have been a regiment medic?

Also how do you pronunce keogh? Is it key-oh?
thanks go advance
Yes you can under rules of engagement but only for protection and life in danger- many CMT mates have opened up-I wanted to be the 1st one in our unit to get a confirmed kill but a mate beat me to it........... :cry:
Key - oh is how it's spoke don't say key-og
Enjoy the Medics and keep a good sense of humour -before any bod joins the army they should be forced to read all of Spike Milligans War books--Hitler his part in my downfall, Mussolini Who,etc very worth while reading into army humour and some sad bits

Don't ever come out cos Civvy Street is shite
Rules of engagement are explained and practised before deployment and there is also policy regarding medical personnel. In a nutshell: as a CMT you are authorised to operate your personal weapon in defence.

As for how often does it happen: how long is a piece of string? Suffice to say that of all the CMT's I know, more have treated casualties in contact then have returned fire in contact (which makes sense as it is their primary role to treat casualties rather than return fire).

don_gorgon said:
Also how do you pronunce keogh? Is it key-oh?

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