CMT - Re-Cap badging

Having done a quick search, and nothing being thrown up, i thought id come to the board and ask a little bit of advice.

After lengthy discussions with my current trade group, it has been pretty much thrown about that the trade i am currently employed in is dieing a slow death and will be extinct in 5 years. Having got everything out of it, but still being under time bar, the RCMO isnt keen to let me go from my current Corp.

Having popped into my local careers office, and deciding that a re-cap badge is on the cards, i picked up the AAC and RAMC leaflets and came back to study them.

The questions that i have are as follows;
1. What is the day to day routine within work? i.e. Currently i sit around and grease up wagons, or sit in the brew room reading 2 week old papers. Would i be actively employed in a medical centre, attached out to regiments training on exercises, attached to other regiments i.e. infantry?
2. As i currently hold LCpl rank, what are the chances i would lose this if i completed the CMT course? I dont mind losing rank, but i do mind losing 6 grand pay a year.
3. When deployed on ops, would i be working in large and small medical centres (Bastion, Gereshk), or would i be attached out to infantry units in FOBs? Or how exactly does it work?
4. With regards to units, is it similar to REME, Sigs, etc. where you spend a 2 or 3 year posting at one regiment before moving to a different one, or do would i be posted out to any unit with requirement for me? Im quite unsure of how postings work for CMT's...

Thank you in advance for any replys!

After you complete your Cmt 2 training at DMSTC, you will first get posted to a Med regt for up to 4 years, where you will do lots of interesting medical activities, such as, painting boxes, putting up 40 year old canvas tents, fixing 432's, painting 432's, re-painting boxes and, if your in Germany, drinking your own body weight in beer. But its a good laugh.

Once you pass your class 1 and finish mucking about in a med regt, you can choose to get posted to a teeth arms unit, (Arty, Inf, Armour) where you will either work in a med center during the day, or as part of an RAP (if your lucky enough to be in Colchester).
Some units differ, but I have my own rifle coy who I have to keep up to date with jabs, medicals ect. And when they deploy on ops or ex, you deploy with them either as a rifle plt medic or coy medic in the Csm's group. Its where you really learn your job, and it pays to keep you skils up to scratch.
Thats a very brief description, i f you wanna know more just ask. If you havnt been to Germany yet, i'd reccomend it, good times!

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