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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Keenas, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi All

    Few questions hoping you can help with regarding the Combat Medical Technician role:

    1)Do they take people with no medical experience?
    2)How long is the training to get to trained strength?
    3)How long are the tours?
    4)Are you operating solely within the compound or are you outside the wire?
    5)Can you do FTRS's?

    Many thanks everyone

  2. 1)yes
    2)cmt3(v) 2 weeks
    3)approx 6 months
    4)depends on your role
  3. Thanks dave,

    Weird as I phoned up the Manchester TA field hospital the other day and he said it had changed and now they don't take people with no med experience.

    Also just to clarify the FTRS query, can you transfer into the army to do full time reserve service like the other trades?


  4. sorry forgot to ask as well, the 6 month tours, is that including optag training?

    The question really is, how long are you away from home?

    Cheers again

  5. with optag i think its about 11 months.
    i'm a cmt with no medical experience, and my unit (a med reg) is still recruiting people with no experience.
  6. FTRS posts are suffering from the same lack of funding that is affecting everything else military at the moment, so if you want to do a tour, it will be on mobilisation. If you want a full-time "career", don't count on FTRS any time soon. The Reserve Assignments Opportunities List shows the FTRS jobs available - a quick scan shows no medics jobs advertised today.

    If you join the TA, qualify in your trade and then decide you want to go Regular, you will be able to apply. The RAMC will then decide a) whether they want you and b) whether your TA qualifications will exempt you from Regular Phase 1 training and/or elements of Phase 2 training.
  7. Hi Dave,

    Really 11 months in total

    so that would be what, 5 months pre-operational training and 6 months in theatre?


  8. Hmm this seems much longer than expected, I heard some of the tours were 4 months?
  9. Some of theu guys from my unit have just come back from a 4 month tour. All in they were away for 7 months (3 months build up in Germany after Chillwell and 4 months in theatre) However short tours like that depend entirely on the job you are going out to do. As a RE regt our guys went out with a specific task to do and 4 months was the time allocated to it. As a CMT the length of tour and the task you will be doing depends on the unit you are attatched to. For example my husband is a CMT with an infantry unit. He is going out april '10 and will be on foot patrol with them. However if you go as part of a med unit you could be in a field hospital, dressing station etc Just remember that as a CMT your kinda bottom of the medical pile and may well be pimped out to a different unit as their on the ground medical help.