CMT Qualification upon rebadging.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by mad_mac, May 10, 2007.

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  1. I am currently serving as NRPS with the RA after completing 22 years Colour Service with the RAMC as a CMT. Whilst my G3 qualifications are "transferable" such as RQMS Course, does my CMT qualification also remain valid upon rebadging. These trade qualifications were still shown on my Unicom Printouts after transfer.

    I ask as I may occasionally find myself in a position to perform the odd audiometry test to assist the TA in the absence of the the TA CMT.

    Any advice or "a steer" to quotable paperwork would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. This query has had 71 views at present and no replies. I must assume that this question has not been posed before.

    If I may extrapolate a scenario:

    A CMT decides to enter nursing and unfortunately fails to achieve the required criteria. The soldier reverts back to his/her former qualification of CMT and soldiers on. By virtue of this fact, and the attainment of the primary trade qualification, is it not unreasonable to assume that the qualification remains extant.

    Upon leaving the Regular Colours it is recorded in my "red book" that I have attained the proficiency of CMT Class 1 with an "attempt" to translate these skills into the civilian job arena.

    I hasten to add, that although being rebadged, I take a personal interest in remaining current with Paramedic protocols and enjoy heated debates with friends currently employed in the NHS in this role.

    I have seen recalls from Reserve Service (certainly during Gulf 1 (Op Granby)) where individuals were recalled to service some 10 years after discharge and their qualification remained in tacto.

    I know that these threads are read by the illuminati of the the RAMC who I am sure will provide the necessary answer.

    If the answer is inappropriate to publicise through this medium, please feel free to PM me.

    Thanks for viewing, comments and suggestions are welcome.
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Its probably wise you arent involved in laying hands on the injured!
  4. To be honest Mad_Mac, I would think you are still qualled, unless there are any annual or other periodic tests that you may have missed.

    What is your actual position as NRPS? Why not ring a local medic unit and ask? Or ask your unit MO (civie doctor).
  5. How can you say that to someone who has an Honoury Degree from the Norge Hansa Brewery Corporation!!!!!

    Nearly as unwise as an Ex MA being involved in law enforcement :twisted:
  6. There are no annual periodic tests performed. Competancy is based upon performance. (eg: You're as good as your last mistake).

    Position is as a BQMS. Although my employment is as a logistician, significant improvements are taking place as fast as military bureaucracy dictates. Military Medical Equipment has lacked emphasis and focus, with CMTs using their own equipment due to a lack of knowledge that the "system" provides. This is changing, and because of my previous experience I advise on CMT equipment scaling within the Regiment.

    Local medical unit is unable to furnish a definitive answer.

    We have no Unit MO and a civilian doctor would be ill advised to express an opinion on what is military policy.
  7. Why not see if the CoC will approve you a named medical position as well as BQMS?
  8. mad_mac

    Steer well clear, there are real issues with practicing any kind of hands on without currency. You are not CMT anymore - be a good BQMS and leave the medic work to those who are current/mentored and practice within clinical governence. Please - this is not me having a pop, I'm just trying to keep you out of trouble (the wrong audio test result could lead to massive finacial claims!!). Focus on speaking with your C2 about getting the RAP fully functional.

    Good luck
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    True enough, but I to have the Batchelor of Arts from Block 33 Mons Bks 1982.

  10. i didnt think it was possible to fail the nursing course, certainly at UCE it isnt.
  11. Ditto, only mine came a year later. :D
  12. How is it that I have "no currency". 22 years of being a CMT equates to zero in civilian street and now zero in the very Army that qualified me in the first place. As for current, and mentored, depending on the job role this may not happen. All to frequently I have carried out my role in the abscence of a MO. A CMT may be employed in the GD role for years and does not lose the qualification. Clinical governance is assumed by authority of the MO. If the CMT is working within the limitations of the training objectives, this should not become an issue.

    As for competancy is audiometric testing, I trained the TA not so many moons when I was a PSI in this procedure. Working to the guidelines of PULHEEMS JSP prevents any misconceptions.

    If this qualification remains extant, this would explain why I had a 52 year old Corporal CMT who left the RAMC over a decade prior serving in the capacity of a CMT on Op Granby.

    Don`t get me wrong, I have no intention of being "dual roled" but am merely seeking clarification if 22 years of being qualified as a CMT disappears once you leave the RAMC, whether that be into Civ Div or continuing service with another Corps/Regiment.

    If this is the case it makes a mockery of the write up in the "Red Book" and will hardly further the cause for "transferable skills".
  13. Perhaps I have given a bad example to highlight a point.

    I have seen numerous indivduals attempting transfer to a technical grade such as OTT etc, that have failed to make the grade and rejoined their Unit with the base qualification of CMT.

    Hope this clears this issue up.
  14. mad_mac

    You need to direct your question to either 2 Med Bde or AMD.

    I have often found myself in the same position as you and the bottom line is that once we reach the rank of SSgt there are very very few who remain clinically competent. Those who do, normally continue this outside and those who do not, never darken the door of patient contact again.

    Stay safe matey and stick with the G4 world.